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Family 1 - London-Suffolk Bucke



The primary family I am researching. The family by the 1800’s is based in London having moved from Suffolk. It has taken many years to prove the relationship between the London Buck(e) and Suffolk Buck(e) and information however small is always appreciated.


John Bucke Farmer (assume 1735~1739 if family 2 member)


Nathaniel’s wedding certificate states fathers occupation as a Farmer.


Based on the use of Bigsby by son Nathaniel perhaps this John is a child of John and Elizabeth family 2 below. (not found/proved)


Could this be the John who marries Elizabeth Edwards of Cretingham see family 3


Nathaniel Bucke,  ~1760 to 1847


Nathaniel married Hannah Kent on the 16th September 1797 in Benhall, Nathaniel was from the parish of Walpole and Hannah from the parish of Benhall Suffolk. The family moved to London prior to 1819. Hannah died in London 1839, one of the witnesses was Thomas Blake of Bungay Suffolk, the address at the time of death was Field Terrace London.  Nathaniel remarried, second wife was Mary Legg who had been previous married to Newport Hills, Mary’s child Thomas Legg Hills was named in the will of Nathaniel.


At the time of death Nathaniel was a House Agent and was entitled to a Parliamentary annuity.


The assumed children of Nathaniel and Hannah


Nathaniel Buck

Birth 21 April 1798

Christening 22 June 1798 Independent, Halesworth, Suffok, England

Original record : Nathaniel son of Nathaniel and Hannah the parish of Walpole


Hannah Buck

Birth 17 November 1799

Christening 17 March 1803 Independent, Halesworth, Suffok, England

Original record : Hannah daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah the parish of Walpole

Marriage : 5 April 1825 Marriage of Hannah Bucke and Thomas Blake...St Mary’s Islington

---Witness G Bucke and C Watson  (Hannah’s brother)

Census 1851 : Birthplace given as Walpole


John Bigsby Buck

Birth 16 October 1801

Christening 2 November 1801 Independent, Halesworth, Suffok, England

Original record : John Bigsby son of Nathaniel and Hannah the parish of Walpole


George Buck

Birth 18 December 1803

Christening 24 October 1805 Independent, Halesworth, Suffok, England

Original record : George son of Nathaniel and Hannah the parish of Walpole


Marriage 1 : 11 May 1828 George Bucke to Caroline Watson...St Mary’s Islington

---Witness Hannah Blake and Thomas Blake

(GB/CW assumed to marry 3 years after being witnesses to Hannah !!)


Marriage 2 : Jane Legg relation of fathers first wife

George Census 1841 : Silversmith, London

George Census 1851 : Silversmith, London

Jane Census 1871 : Living as Thomas Blakes Housekeeper


Information from the Goldsmith’s Company (approx 20-30 apprentices per year)........George Bucke was bound as an apprentice, on 6 January 1819, to Joseph Biggs of Winchester Street, Pentonville, Middlesex for the term of seven years. George’s father was Nathaniel Bucke, a labourer, of Bachelor Row, Battle Bridge, Middlesex. George was made a Freeman of the Goldsmiths’ Company on completion of his indentured term on 7 June 1826 when he was described as a silversmith, of ‘Bachelors (sic) Row, Battle Bridge’. He died on 2 February 1871 and his widow, called Jane , petitioned the Company in December for a pension.  She was successful and lived until 28 April 1881.  At the time of her election to a pension she was living with a brother-in-law (a tailor) at 4 Canonbury Street, Essex Road. According to Jane’s pension petition, George had worked for 40 years for ‘Messrs Fox’ which might have been the Fox family of silversmiths.  Numerous examples of the work of Charles Thomas Fox and George Fox have appeared at auction in the salerooms over the years.



William Buck

Birth 20 April 1805

Christening 24 October 1805 Independent, Halesworth, Suffok, England

Original record : William son of Nathaniel and Hannah the parish of Walpole




Family 2 – Bigsby Bucke Suffolk



Of major interest as the name Bigsby appears in family 1, above.


John Bucke and Elizabeth (marriage unknown, assume Elizabeth’s name maybe Bigsby) had the following assumed children. The original records highlight the missing info on the IGI.


John Bucke (no proof but a John would fit in as John the Farmer in Family 1, did not find in Ufford but very hard to read BMD document)


Rebekah Bucke

Birth 21 April 1739

Christening 14 September 1740 Quay Meeting House Independent Woodbridge Suffolk

Original record : The daughter of Mr John and Elizabeth Buck, late of Ufford Suffolk now of Framlingham Suffolk


Thomas Bucke

Birth 10 January 1740

Christening 25 January 1740 Quay Meeting House Independent Woodbridge Suffolk

Original record :


Nathaniel Bucke

Birth 21 November 1742

Christening 11 December 1742 Quay Meeting House Independent Woodbridge Suffolk

Original record : Baptised at home in Framlingham Suffolk


Bigsby Bucke

Birth 19 May 1744

Christening 14 June 1744 Quay Meeting House Independent Woodbridge Suffolk

Original record : Of Framlingham Suffolk


Marriage 28 September 1777, Bigsby Bucke of Lavenham Suffolk and Catherine Cracknell married at Wickham Market.


The Bigsby Bucke line is still in Lavenham around 1800 before moving upto Yorkshire.


Information from the Ipswich Journal



Tuesday 21 July 1739  (Interesting as it mentions Bigsby’s and Bucke’s..Reviewing Nayland and East Bergholt some Bucke/Bigsby activity)


To be Sold or Lett, and entered upon at Michaelmas next


A farm in Framlingham in the county of Suffolk . of about 50 l per year, now in the occupation of Mr John Bucke. Enquire for further particulars of the Rev Mr Rice Williams of East Bergholt, or of Mr Bigsby, of Nayland ; or of Mr Henry Gardiner, at Winstone, or of Mr Bucke of Framlingham aforesaid.


Saturday 13 May 1758 ( Bigsby connection)


Whereas Mr Jonathan Keer  and Mr Robert Barker, both of Framlingham in the County of Suffolk did last week advertise to the lett, the following Farms, One at Dennington , in the occupation of the Widow Bird, one at Framlingham, of Mr John Bucke, one at Parham, of Mr J Keer, one at Wickham and Petistree, of Mr Sam Bucke; one at Dalingho, of Mr Sam Bucke; one at Ufford of Mr Samuel Geater, another at Ufford, of Mr John Bigsby, we whose names are under-written, who are Trustees, and have the disposal of the above mentioned farms do assure the public, that everyone of them are under lease to the present Tennants, for more than eleven years to come , as witness our hands,  Thomas Bucke, John Bucke and John Bucke junior.



Saturday 20 May 1758, Framlingham May 15 1758  ( Mentions Bucke extended family as part of the Trustee split)


Dennington in the occupation of Widow Bird, now let at about 20 l per annum

Framlingham in the occupation of John Bucke, at about 57 l

Parham in the Tenure of the said Mr J Keer about 30 l

Wickam and Petistre Samuel Bucke about 52 l

One at Dallingho to the said Samuel Bucke about 28 l

One at Ufford of Mr Samuel Geater about 50 l

And another at Ufford aforesaid of Mr John Bigsby about 36 l



Since the advertisement which appeared in the last Ipswich Journal, signed by Thomas Bucke, John Bucke and John Bucke junior, it is necessary we should acquaint the pubic, That we are the other two Trustees of Several Chanty Farms belonging to the Town, (there being only five now living) that above four fifths of the whole estate have been for many Years, and still are, occupied by the family of Bucks, or their relations, as such low rents that the Charity has suffered greatly, that the present leases of the estates (except one to Mr John Bucke himself) expiring at Michaelmas 1759, we have often expostulated with those three benefit Gentleman, who call themselves Trustees, to have them act in that character by giving proper rents, or letting the estates to such as would, and finding it to no purpose, we refused to join in granting leases upon a late applicaction made by the Tenants for that Purpose..............it may be true, that five out of the seven farms, in that Family, have been leased the said majority since we refused joining them, bit if so, one or both of the other estates are not.


Saturday 25 September 1773 ( Mention of John Bucke Jnr the brewer, become bankrupt a few years later )

September 24 1773

On Wednesday night last, between the hours of Eleven and Twelve O’Clock a barn full of wheat, and two stacks of corn adjoining, at Framlingham, belonging to Mr John Bucke, were entirely consumed by fire, and as on the 30th of May last, about Two O’Clock in the morning a fire broke out in his Mill House and Malt Office, from which circumstances it is supposed both fires were maliciously occasioned for the better bringing to justice the offender or offenders, the said John Bucke promises a reward of TWENTY GUINEAS to be paid on conviction, to any person or persons who will discover the offender or offenders.


Saturday 5 August 1775 (BigsbyBucke relationship)


Now selling much under the prime cost at the late dwelling house of Nathaniel Bucke of Framlingham Suffolk. All the remainder of the stock in trade, of the said Nathaniel Bucke, consisting of lines and woollen-drapery, haberdashery, and a great variety of ironmongery, all new and in good condition....(plus selling a brown horse)...All persons having any accounts with the said Nathaniel Bucke are to settle the same directly with Mr Bigsby Buck, and all persons indebted to the estate of the said Nathaniel Bucke, are to pay their debts to Mr Bigsby Bucke, who is impowered to receive the same before August 22, or they will be sued for the same without any further notice.


Saturday 21 October 1775  ( BigsbyBucke relationship )


It is expected that such persons as are still Debtors to the estates of Nathaniel Bucke, late of Framlingham, in Suffolk, a bankrupt, will immediately pay their respective debts to Mr Bigsby Bucke, of Framlingham aforesaid, or they will be sued for the same without any further application.



Family 3   Buck Framlingham-Walpole Suffolk


Of interest as a farming family and of the same area as family 1 and 2..Similar first names.


John Buck of Framlingham married Elizabeth Edwards of Cretingham Suffolk, 16 November 1762 (Suffolk Marriage Index).. Assume parents of John Edwards Buck


John Edwards Buck proof farming nr Walpole


From the Ipswich Journal of 1801


Mr John Edwards Bucke’s at Walpole nr Harlesworth – 5th Day of October 1801 by T Catchpole


Live stock, comprising 5 handsome milch cows well timed in calf, 6 capital cart mares and gelding, a close buck wagon, 4 ¾ loads tumbrela and market cart, 3 foot ploughs, 2 gang of excellent borrows, 3 horse roll, 2 horse ditto, an kit cat roll, excellent cart and plough trace and other useful implements. Household furniture, rackhouse and diary utensils, comprise tables, chairs, excellent milk trays, tubs, keepers, pails, copper with tin and other general . Sale begins at 10 O’Clock.


Mr B regrets disposing of his select stock, but must being under the necessity of quitting his farm at Michaelmas next obliges him to do so.


(Michaelmas is 29th September so John must have been given a years notice)



Note lintywhite . com , mentions JEB was born 5th April 1763 at St Peter Cretingham...After Walpole the family moved to Brandeston.





General Interest still working on


Nathaniel Bucke, Settlement  Order...wife and child, Tannington 4 August 1724 FC105/G2/1/1 – Wife and Childs name Martha coming from Brandeston.



John Buck Farmer of Westleton died 1828, Suffolk, Ipswich Journal entries


14/6/1828 , John Buck has died, been suffering from asthma for sometime.

5/7/1828 , claims to Southwell & Son, Saxmundham


13/9/1828 John Buck Sale of items, similar to the list below as below, over 2 days Friday 26th and Saturday 27th 1828 by Richard Stopher Saxmundham without reseve


20/9/1828 – Dingle Cottage – Westleton. The entire farming stock, capital cart mares and gelding, 2 riding mares, prime milch cows, weanel claves, sheep, scotch and homeland heffers, steers, buds, carriages, implements, washing, brewing and diary utensils , household furniture & other effects of the late John Buck.





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