Kathleen Kennedy sister of 35th President John F Kennedy




Ann Semark of Thornhaugh is the 15th Grandparent of the husband of Kathleen Kennedy, Sister of John F Kennedy.



Kathleen Kennedy [b 1920 d 1948] married Marquess William John Robert Cavendish [1944]


Kathleenís father


Joseph Patrick Kennedy (1888-1859) married Rose Fitzgerald

Children inc

35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Williamís Line


Edward William Spencer Cavendish [1895-1950]


1st Grandparent


Victor Christian William Cavendish [1868-1938]


2nd Grandparent


Lord Edward Cavendish [1838-1891]


3rd Grandparent


Blanche Georgina Howard [1812-1840]


4th Grandparent


Georgina Dorothy Cavendish


5th Grandparent


Duke William Cavendish [1748-1811]


6th Grandparent


Duke William Cavendish [1720-1764]


7th Grandparent


Rachel Russell [1676-1725] married Duke William VI Cavendish [1698-1757]


8th Grandparent


Lord William Russell [1639-1683], Beheaded in Lincolnís Inn Fields, 21st July 1683


9th Grandparent


Duke William Russell [1613-1700], Earl of Bedford 11th May 1694, Created Marques of Tavistock and Duke of Bedford circa 7th September 1700


10th Grandparent


Earl Frances Russell [1593-1641] Baron Thornhaugh and 4th Earl of Bedford


11th Grandparent


Lord William Russell [1562-1613] Created Baron Russell of Thornhaugh


12th Grandparent


Francis Russell [1527-1585] 2nd Earl of Bedford


13th Grandparent


John Russell [1485-1554]married Ann Sapcote [died 1558], Earl of Bedford


14th Grandparent


Guy Sapcote


15th Grandparent


Ann Semarc of Thornhaugh Northants see St Medard Tree