Matthew  Born 1705 Old


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Where did Matthew 1705 go to; Poddington or East Haddon or Stay in Old or are they the same person [East Haddon Baptisms stopped in 1735 and a Matthew married in Poddington May 1736]??


Is Alice a Sister of Matthew “the elder”; 1683 Marriage, Alice Seamark and John Burdet Labourer at Sibbertoft ??


Based on Ambrose is a rare name is Ambrose Semarke married to Anne Silby, 1652 Naseby the father of Matthew “the elder” ??


Matthew Seamarke of Winwick married 1653 ??


Later on in the 1700’s OLD, Final Concord involving John Seamark,  wife Jane fined £120 and a number of other people, Plaintiff John Chapman



Introduction to the Matthew problem


Matthew of Poddington is my sticking point.


Matthew is not a common Forename and thus within a rare “Surname Tree” should be easy to resolve if given modern records, the problem is that in the 1700’s it was rare to record ages.


To-date I have located two Matthew’s that cannot be assigned parents, Poddington and East Haddon both roughly the same age I expect. I have one Matthew that could be assigned to either Poddington or East Haddon. The distance from Old to both places is roughly the same.


Matthew Poddington married 1736, died 1763

Matthew East Haddon married 1729 – a Matthew died 1768 not 100% sure this Matthew but 99%]


or are they the same person [East Haddon Baptisms stopped in 1735 and a Matthew married in Poddington May 1736]


Matthew in Sibbertoft



Matthew was living in Sibbertoft in 1689, Matthew paid Poll tax in this year, and confusingly transcribed data shows Matthew of Old Marrying Elizabeth Vernon of Sibbertoft on 11 November 1704. Reading the original Marriage Licence Matthew was of Sibbertoft. 


In1704 the wedding take place in Sibbertoft, the first son was Matthew born 1705 Old. A period of time lapses until the next christening that of Ambrose on the 24 May 1713 in Old.


Matthew in Old


From the Overseers book an entry was made in November 1713, a payment to Matthew Semarke for thatching the town houses paid £ 00-14-00. This was the last entry before a tragic set of events…..


Matthew elder was buried in 1714, Elizabeth also died around the same time.  Ambrose aged two was Indentured [apprentice] to William Carvill of Desborough, butcher, 30 January 1714. Ambrose was apprenticed at the age of two !! even the local research officers had never seen such a young apprentice.


From the Old Overseers book a number of entries mention Seamark Child and Semark Boy, One was for a large sum of money : Edward to Semarks Boy £7-00-00 in 1714, further payments for lodgings and clothing were made for a couple of years, lodgings payments always £00-02-00



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