Proverbs of Barbados, Newcastle, Scotland and Wednesbury






John Proverbs born around 1800 Newcastle England has been associated to the “Proverbs of Barbados” but no proof what so ever.  John Proverbs moved to Wednesbury, England. Whilst John is described as a Miner, next generation of Proverbs entered non labourer type occupations.


Whilst maybe of no importance an Isaac Proverbs married a colliery managers daughter in Scotland 1850.


Based on the Scotland Census information the English Proverbs only appeared in the 1851 census. All employed in the Glasgow area mainly in the Iron trade.




[Proverbs Barbados Wills]


It is said John’s  father landed in Bristol and moved north to Newcastle.


The great hurricane of 1780 may have displaced people back to the UK.


Any clues information appreciated. Non IGI information :-



Census 1680

Proverbe John                  St. Phillip
Proverbe Thomas             St.


Barbados Census 1680 St Phillip Parish


Proverbe John
Proverbe William





1648 Thomas Proverbs    Bounder on Hampton Plantation, St Philip, Barbados

1846 John Proverbs         Exchange Plantation, St George, Barbados

1937 A Proverbs              Bayleys, St Philip, Barbados


1834 Returns


Christian Proverbs, Saint Philips, returns..

Kitt  Male  abt 1813  Barbadian

Kitt Francis  Male  abt 1829  Barbadian

Lovelace  Male  abt 1834  Barbadian

Mary Bellah  Female  abt 1830  Barbadian

Mary Frances  Female  abt 1834  Barbadian

Sam Richard  Male  abt 1824  Barbadian

Tom Boy  Male  abt 1827  Barbadian


James E Proverbs, Saint George, return..


Cato  Male  abt 1808  Barbadian  Saint George


John Proverbs, Saint John, return..


Mary  Female  abt 1806  Antiguan

Mary  Female     Antiguan  Saint John

Phillis  Female  abt 1806  Barbadian

Tom  Male  abt 1800  African


John S Proverbs, Saint George, return..


Billy  Male  abt 1808  Barbadian

Cato  Male  abt 1808  Barbadian

Hagar  Female  abt 1802  Barbadian

James Gar  Male  abt 1821  Barbadian

James Morris  Male  abt 1815  Barbadian

John Richard  Male  abt 1828  Barbadian

John Richard  Male  abt 1829  Barbadian

Mary Rillah  Female  abt 1833  Barbadian

Miah Mall  Female  abt 1827  Barbadian

Sam  Male  abt 1806  Barbadian

Thomas  Male  abt 1802  Barbadian


Mark A Proverbs, Saint John, return..


Coobah  Female  abt 1782  African

Criss  Female  abt 1823  Barbadian

Henry Thomas  Male  abt 1815  Barbadian

John Francis  Male  abt 1818  Barbadian

John Robert  Male  abt 1816  Barbadian

Mary Ann  Female  abt 1787  Barbadian

Nanny  Female  abt 1773  African

Quash William  Male  abt 1790  Barbadian

Richard  Male  abt 1805  Barbadian

Will  Male  abt 1810  Barbadian


Mary Proverbs, Saint Philips, returns..


Mary Ben  Female  abt 1818  Barbadian

Mary Kitty  Female  abt 1829  Barbadian

Mercy Ann  Female  abt 1824  Barbadian


Rebecca Proverbs, Saint Philip, return..


Adelaide  Female  abt 1832  Barbadian

Anna Maria  Female  abt 1831  Barbadian

Charles Daniel  Male  abt 1833  Barbadian

Christian Ann  Female  abt 1830  Barbadian

Cornelia  Female  abt 1829  Barbadian

Edward  Male  abt 1821  Barbadian

Fitz Alleyne  Male  abt 1827  Barbadian

Frances  Female  abt 1821  Barbadian

Henry Thomas  Male  abt 1833  Barbadian

James Henry  Male  abt 1825  Barbadian

Joan  Female  abt 1799  Barbadian

Mary Kitty  Female  abt 1825  Barbadian

Nancy  Female  abt 1802  Barbadian

Rose Anna  Female  abt 1804  Barbadian

Sam Thomas  Male  abt 1827  Barbadian

Sammy  Male  abt 1796  Barbadian

Sarah Ann  Female  abt 1825  Barbadian

Will Brown  Male  abt 1823  Barbadian

William  Male  abt 1816  Barbadian


William S Proverbs, Saint John, return..


John Richard  Male  abt 1828  Barbadian

Miah Moll  Female  abt 1827  Barbadian











Scotland Data


1841 No Proverbs


1850 Stray marriage 17/02/1850 Isaac Proverbs – Ann Hoggett Gorbals  , This is likely to be Ann Highgate born Kilwinning


1851 Census

Gorbals, Glasgow City , English Row

1851 Proverbs Benjamin 27  Iron Puddler born England , Head of Family

1851 Proverbs Sarah       24   born England, Wife

1851 Proverbs Mary A     3    born Lanark

1851 Proverbs Elizabeth   0    born Lanark

Gros Data 644/02 038/02 008

8/11/1846 Marriage Benjamin Proverbs – Sarah Parker , Gorbals


Iron Puddler – Person in charge of a furnace. Dangerous occupation.


Glasgow, Glasgow,

1851 Proverbs William   39  Labourer Foundry born England , Head of Family

1851 Proverbs Hannah    39  born England

1851 Proverbs Eliajah   19 born England  Puddler Iron works

1851 Proverbs Mary       15 born England

1851 Proverbs Sarah    13 born England

1851 Proverbs Mary     11 born England

Gros Data 644/01 150/01 002

16/11/1851 Marriage Elijah Proverbs – Mary Smith Glasgow


Gobals, Glasgow

1851 Proverbs William  24  Iron - Journeyman  born England, Head of Family

1851 Proverbs Elizabeth  20  born Ayr Old Cummock

1851 Proverbs Elizabeth 2 born Lanark, Glasgow

1851 Proverbs Catherine 0 born Lanark, Glasgow

Gros Data 644/02 095/02 004

23/05/1847 William Proverbs – Elizabeth McMorland  Gorbals



1851 Proverbs James 26 Glasgow labourer born England labourer, Glasgow City Gros

1851 Proverbs Ann 25 born ?Airdrie? Lanark

Gros Data 664/01 190/01 020



1851 Proverbs Elizth 26 Barony, Glasgow Gros 622/00 006/00 022


1851 Proverbs William 0 Glasgow, Glasgow City Gros Data 644/01 150/01 003


1861 Census

Only one family, Head John Proverbs aged 48 birthplace Ireland  living Blythswood Glasgow

One female Ann aged 44 living Ayr


1881 Census - Address 29 Kinning St. Govan

Ann Proverbs age 64 widowed  born  Kilwinning Ayr  Head

Margaret Stevenson age 62 widowed born Kilwinning Ayr  Sister

Agnes Durham age 20 unmarried born Kilwinning Ayr Daughter  Domestic Servant

Film 0203679 GRO Ref Volume 644-13 EnumDist 41 Page 11


From IGI Agnes Durham is probably the daughter of  John Durham and Agnes Highgate birth 7 July 1860 Kilwinning



Ann Proverbs 1897 other surnames Highgate age 80 Tradeston Glasgow City

Widow of Issac Proverbs

Ann’s father Robert Highgate , Colliery Manager , Mother Agnes.




England non Census or IGI pre 1850





'Manor of Leigh otherwise Ley.  22d.  December 1808. Admission of John

The document is an account of the Special Court Baron of the Rt. Hon. John
Summers, Lord Summers, Baron of Evesham, Worcs., Lord of the said manor, 22nd
December, 1808.

John Proverbs of Leigh, (Worcs.) labourer, is purchaser of the premises
mentioned, which includes 6 perches of waste ground and a cottage in Gallows
Lane, Leigh, previously occupied by Thomas Rivers and then occupied by Elizabeth
Jones, held in trust for John Perkins, Richard Gwilliam the younger and Thomas
Gwilliam, for their lives according to the custom of the manor. John Proverbs
paid to the lord a fine such as was agreed between them and was admitted tenant
accordingly and did his fealty.