The Rebel


Jhon Seamarke of Weldon, Northants


Royal Pardon 1607


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“We and everye of us, whose names are hereunderwritten, comynge before Sir Edward Montagu Knights, one of the Deputy Lieutenantes for the Countye of Northampton, Doe moste humblye acknowledge our heynous offence comytted against the kings moste Excellent Majesty in the late seditious Insurreccion and Rebellion within the Countye of Northampton upon pretence of Depopulacion and unlawfull Inclosure; And are moste hartelye sorye for the same; Acknowleginge with all thankfulness his Majesties gratious and exceedinge Clemencye in seeting wide open unto us the gate of his mercye; Begginge and Cravinge moste humblye to be Receyved into his Majesties gracious mercye And to be partakers and have the benefits of his moste large and liberall Pardon so freely of his owne grace and mere Motion offered unto us by his Royal Proclamacion given at his Majesties Castle of Windsor the xxiiijth Daye of Julye in the Fifte yeare of the Raigne of greate Brytaine Fraunce and Ireland.


God Save the King 


Signed by more than 130 men including, 27 September Jhon Seamarke Labourer of Weldon.



England at this time:


James I , King of England (1603–25) and, as James VI, of Scotland (1567–1625).


1605 Gunpowder Plot

1607 The Commons blocked James’s cherished project of a union with Scotland

1607 English colonization in North America (Jamestown was founded)



Northampton 1607..

Therefore consider & see I beseech you whence arise conspiracyes, riottes and damnable rebellions, not from want of bread but through want of faith, yea want of bread doth come by want of faith . . . Therefore if yee will have bread, conspire not in mutinies but conspire in mutual prayers; roote not up harmlesse hedges, nor rend up the bowells of the earth but looke up to heaven from whence yee shall have bread . . . 

 (ROBERT WILKINSON, A Sermon Preached at Northampton ...  Before the Commissioners There Assembled Upon Occasion of the Late Rebellion and Riots (1607)). 




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