Seamarks “The Times” Extracts pre 1955




Died of wounds , Friday 12 June 1942 The Times page 7

R.A  Seamarks Gnr, W



Seamark “The Times” Extracts pre 1950


Meetings of Creditors this day at Guildhall, Tuesday 22nd Aug 1786, page 4

Thomas Seamark, of St Paul Church Yard, merchant, first meeting, 10 O’clock


London Gazatte September 4, Office of Ordnance  August 29 1787 page 2

Dividends, November 3, Thomas Seamark, late of St Paul’s Church Yard, St Faiths, London, merchant, at eleven at Guildhall


Monday July 30 1804 page 4 Sale by Auction

Valuable Freehold Marsh Lands, Cliffe Kent

Moldwick Marshes Occupation of Mr Thomas Smith……

James Seamark of Cliffe will shewth premises


Thursday Jan 12 1832 page 4 Deaths

On the 10th inst, Mr George Frederick Seamark, aged 22, only surviving son of Mr Richard Seamark of Grove Cottage, Blackheath


Saturday Nov 29 1846 page 7 Law Notices

Court of Queens Bench Westminster

Russell v Seamark


Tuesday Nov 2 1847 page 7  Law Notices

(before the vice-chancellor of England, at Westminster)

Suter v Seamark


Friday May 27 1853 page 8 Law Notices

Rolls Court Westminster

Seamark v Suter, at half past 1


June 1 1853 page 8 Law Notices

Rolls Court Westminster

Seamark v Suter at 3


Tuesday August 29 1854 Page 10 Police

Worship Street, William Bennett, alias Knight, Engledue, Seamark, and numerous other names, a middle aged man of shabby genteel appearance, with a large scar in the shape of a cross upon his right check, was brought up in the custody of Sergeant Harvey, of the G Division before Mr D’Eyncourt, upon three charges ;-


Under the name of Seamark, living Argyle Street, New Road, said he was a watchmaker, lived at the address for 2 years, would cover a 8l loan to a workman Holmes, after 10s repaid Mr Lane Jackson licenced Victualler went to reclaim the money to find Seamark had decamped six weeks after the loan was made. Seamark according to the landlord had only been at Argyle St for six months.


A bootmaker in the Minories stood forward, Three years ago the prisoner, a builder. Linen draper and clothier from Maidenhead came to me for a loan of 40l. Loan given but bank returned Bill as Run away. Two years later came across the prisoner by chance went to a Holborn Pub to receive repayment and set upon by 20 to 20 men, nearly killed. On Checking the Prisoner never ran business in Maidenhead and only lodged long enough to obtain property.


Sgt Harvey, The Prisoner is the head of a gang of 20, main scam obtain property refuse to give up possession, landlord “buys the keys” . Arrested at Large House Lavinia Grove, New Road


30 others would also come forward if required, Prisoner offered no defence and remanded till that day week


Monday Jan 24 1859 page 16

Mr Engleheart will sell at Auction on the Premises the Dairy Farm Shooters Hill Kent on Thursday Jan 27 at 12 by order of the administrators of the late Mr Thomas Seamark list includes 21 Milch cows a handsome short horned bull, Wagons etc


December 18 1866 page 9 Law notices

Second Court Guildhall at 10

Cobb v Seamark


Thursday Jan 13 1870 page 11 Arson

William Seamark, 40, a cab-driver, was indicted for arson

Seamark had been some years in the service of Mr Sheather, a job master and cab proprietor at Park Crescent Mews but had been discharged. Arson took place on the 10th December between 4 and 5, barn burnt down total damage 20l. Seamark offered no defence and was sentenced to seven years penal servitude, [Justice Byles]


Thursday Feb 17 1870 page 5 Grand Skating Matches in the Fens

Edwin Norman Aldreth beat Richard Seamark Earith


Tuesday December 16 1879 Exchequer Division page 4

Middlesex Session Dec 15

George Wood, 18, porter, was convicted of stealing a pair of boots, the property of Emma Seamark, repeat offender,12 months imprisonment with hard labour [Judge Mr Prentice]


Wednesday Jun 10 1885 – Police page 12

William Stegman, George Wood, William Green and William Moon were charged with stealing a parcel containing 78 white waist-coats value £20 from a truck in Well Street Cripplegate the goods of Edwin Seamark 51 Church Street, Stoke Newington


Saturday October 13 1894 page 8 – 19th Dairy Show

Class 73B 2nd Miss Nellie Seamark , Borough Green Wrotham Kent


Saturday March 18 1899 page 10

In the Country , Adjudications

Seamark, Harry Leslie Warwick, Luton baker and Confectioner


Wednesday December 24 1902 page 13

In the Country , Adjudications

Jonathan Seamark, Irthlingborough Northampton Butcher


Thursday Jun 30 1910 page 3 - Law

Disturbance at a Music Hall


Captain Harvey Brownrigg Jay, sued the defendants, who are the proprietors of the New Bedford Palace of Varieties [assault and battery on ejection from the Music Hall]…… James Seamark another attendant witnessed Captain Jay strike at Hamstead.


Wednesday April 04 1917 page 12 - Deaths

South African Forces


S African Infantry – Seamark 1795 S.C (previously reported missing, now reported killed) should read :- Semark, 1795 SC


Thursday December 20 1934 page 17 - Deaths

Lord Greenway St Paul’s Knightsbridge present :-

Mr M.C. Seamark


Friday June 25 1937 page 25 - Company Meetings.

The Attock Oil Company – Good Quality Oil Struck

Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, of the presence of Mr M.C. Seamark their technical drilling expert… Mr Seamark;s experience of limestone formations etc thanks to Mr Seamark’s for travelling to the Punjab.


Thursday November 28 1940 page 2 – “Stop the War” Candidate at Northampton

Mr W.S , Seamark (Christian Pacifist) were nominated yesterday for the by-election at Northampton. Mr Seamark a local butcher.


Monday Dec 02 1940 page 2 – Northampton Election

Mr Churchill on issue “Foolishly Raised”


Monday Dec 09 1940 page 2 – Election Result

G S Summers 16,587

W S Seamark 1,167

Seamark tenth “Stop the War” candidate to forfeit his deposit since the War began


Tuesday June 5 1945 page 7 - Deaths

Solders and Auxiliaries Killed

Beds and Herts : Seamark Pte  R. G


Saturday May 29 1948 page 1 Marriages

Seamark Forbes

May 28 1948 at Harrow, Mr L M C Seamark of Lyme Regis, to Mrs Mary Forbes of Northwood, widow of A.R.A Forbes R.A.F.V.R


Wednesday December 16 1953 page 8

Court Circular Clarence House , Dec 15

Lieutenant-Colonel W.H.Seamark, the Black Watch of Canada received by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother this morning.