Will of William Seymark, Weldon Northamptonshire and London 1545




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In the name of god amen The 6th Day of May In the yere of the


reigne of our soveraigne Lord king henry the Eight. XXXVI . I William Seymark Citezen and Clothwork


of London being hole of mynde and good remembramiorLawde and praise be unto almighty god make and ordeyn this


my last will and testament in maner and forrme solowmy that to will ffirst I bequeth my soule unto almighty


god and to his ??? sonne Jesus Christ my redeemer and by the mercy? of whose glorious and blessed passion I havefull


hope and first to have them K??ission of all my synnes And I will my body to be buried w?y the parish Church of Saint


John the Evangelist in Ffrydaystrete in London in such place then where my Exectrire shall thinke most ??iment also


I will that all suche Detts andDuties at the tyme of my decesse that can be proved Dusfrlye and truly to be my Dett and


duetie shalbe well and finely paid in ???met tyme as may be after my Decesswont? any delay Also I bequeth to Troeh?


honest poure men? . that shall best XI To?heu w? other busyness at mt burial XI yow?es of ? Beistowe ffirst pr??l by?bry


the p?? More I Bequeth to one of the Children of John Manton the Wh?hr he had by my sister Margaret Seymarke


when she was his woife because the Childe it wo? motherl? . Tenne pounds . The whirh? Tenne pounds I will it to be Del??ed


to my unkill Gardener win a yere after my decesse and he to kepe the Childe until it be married or?s Twentye yeres of age


P?tty?s in s?ted for the Delivered of the said Tenne pounds to the Child use yf the said Childe dye or decesse before the


tyme of mariage will . Twentie yeres Then I will this full Tenne pounds to be Distibuted and gevyn among the Children


of myn Aunt ysain . they to pray for my soule and xpen soules Also I bequeth to my Aunte ysain Dwelling in Pyrheley


ffyve pounds to be Delivered wen four moneths after my decesse Also I Bequeth to ffourtie of the pourest householders


in Weldon in the Countie of Northampton ffyve pounds that is four shillings U?? a yere to pray for my soule


and my father and mothers soules and all xpen soules Also I geve to my unkill Halyday of ?Bulwykt my best furryd gown


Also to my unkill Gardyner my best lined gowne and to my unkill ysain my best gowne next for a remembrance to pray


for my soule and all xpen soules . Also I Bequeth to the good wife Stedsbury and to the good wife Proudman Twentie shillings


apere in money Also I give to my Company that shall folwe me to the Churche ffourtie shillings to make mery The Residue


of my goods unbequethed I give to Elizabeth my wife whome I do makemy sool Executire with John Halse my overseer


I give to John halfe my maister and to my maistres either of them a blak gowne for their paynes Also I give a black


gowne To maister yeswood Thef wifnesses Person? Willm Seymark Person? John Hall Person? Willm


Pyerson Person? George Ssissher




Proved in Latin


Clothworkers Guild London : The name William Semarke is recorded in the accounts for the year 1541-2. He was made Free by Servitude (apprenticeship), his Master having been John Haulse.



A Elizabeth Semarke married in London 1545 is this the same Elizabeth [widow], John Brooke or Broke 16 September 1545.



Destroyed 1666 and not rebuilt [Great Fire of London]
United to Allhallows Bread Street 1670, St Mary le Bow 1876


Weldon, Northamptonshirea known Seamark Village early 1500ís






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