George Alexander

1851 Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire - 1930 Victoria Australia

England v Australia 1st Test Match



George Alexander was born in England in 1851. In the same year George emigrated to Victoria Australia with his parents Charles and Sophia Alexander [nee Hawting] on the ship The Hooghly.


George played in the 1880 Oval test the first ever test match between England and Australia. The England test side included WG Grace who caught Alexander in the second innings.


From the “baggy greens” website : “George Alexander will perhaps be better remembered as the Manager of the Australian teams which visited us under the captaincy of W. L. Murdoch in 1880 and 1884. He was further identified with English cricket when he acted in the same capacity for the Hon. Ivo Bligh's side which went out to Australia in our winter of 1882-3.”


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1.  Charles ALEXANDER was born in 1825 in Britwell Salome.  He emigrated in 1851 from Victoria Australia


He was married to Sophia HAWTING (daughter of Stephen HAWTING) on June 27, 1850 in Saint Giles, Reading, Berkshire.  Sophia HAWTING was born about 1828 in Benson, Oxfordshire.  She emigrated in November 1851 from Victoria Australia.  Charles ALEXANDER and Sophia HAWTING had the following children:


            2            i.            George ALEXANDER was born in 1851.  He emigrated in 1851 to Victoria Australia.  He was living in 1880 in Oval England [Played in first ever test match England v Australia] for Australia. Caught by WG Grace.  He died in 1930 in Victoria Australia.  Played cricket for Victoria State and Australia.


George died November 6, 1930, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria (aged 79 years 198 days) Australian reg No 15370


            3            ii.            Sophia ALEXANDER was born in 1854 in Victoria Australia.

            4            iii.            Susannah ALEXANDER was born in 1856 in Victoria Australia.

            +5            iv.            Frederick Hawting ALEXANDER (born in 1859).

            6            v.            Sophia ALEXANDER was born in 1863 in Victoria Australia.

            7            vi.            Albert ALEXANDER was born in 1865 in Victoria Australia.  He died in 1932 in Victoria Australia.  Died 1932 reg no 10300


            8            vii.            William ALEXANDER was born in 1857 in Victoria Australia.  He died in 1904 in Victoria Australia.




5.  Frederick Hawting ALEXANDER (Charles-1) was born in 1859 in Victoria Australia.  He died in 1937 in Victoria Australia.


He was married to Hermione Elizth GRAHAM in 1913 in Victoria Australia [Ref No 207].  Frederick Hawting ALEXANDER and Hermione Elizth GRAHAM had the following children:


            9            i.            Elsie Hermione ALEXANDER was born in 1914 in Victoria Australia [Ref No 7010].  She died in 1915 in Victoria Australia [Ref No 8339].



Source Victoria State Database.

Surname Given Name(s) Event Sps Snm / Father Sps Gvn / Mother Year Reg. No    

ALEXANDER Albert B Charles HAWTING - Sophia 1865 7709    

ALEXANDER Sophia B Charles HAWLING - Sophia 1863 13444    

ALEXANDER Sophia B Charles HAWTING - Sophia 1854 1153    

ALEXANDER Susannah B Charles HAWTING - Sophia 1856 212    

ALEXANDER William B Charles HAWTING - Sophia 1857 13264    

ALEXANDER Frederick Hawting B Charles HAWTING - Sophia 1859 10582