6. Matthew SEAMARK was born in 1780 in Stagsden. He died on 28 Oct 1839 in Harlington, Bedfordshire. Matthew enlisted in the 13th Light Dragoons on 21 December 1799 and discharged 4 June 1817, a period of Seventeen years and 166 days, From the discharge papers the Regiment was in York on the 24 March 1817.

The discarge papers indicate that Matthew was the rank of Private for the whole duration of his service, general conduct good - served with the Regiment in the Penisula [Spain].

Matthew was 5ft 6 inches tall, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, [Dark] Complexion and occupation labourer.

Based on Births Matthew was stationed at Canterbury Kent [Elizabeth] and Dorset [matthew and maybe John]

He was married to Phylis BROWN about 1804. Phylis BROWN was born about 1783. She was christened on 17 Aug 1783 in Saint John De Sepulchre, Norwich. She appeared on the census in 1861 in Westoning, Bedfordshire. She died in 1870 in Westoning, Bedfordshire ??. Surname believed to be Brown due to Birth of Maria.

From the Stagsden Poor Records of 1810, on February 24th 1810, Phylis Seamark was returned to Harlington the last registered dwelling of her Husband. Phylis was sent back with a four year old daughter. Her husband was a Private in the 13TH Regiment of Light Dragoons. The order to return was signed by Win Hooper and John Higgins. It was not general practice to send back family who's husbands were serving with the army, but was the norm for people who could not support themselves.

Elizabeth; married Jacob Bonner 24th September 1823 at Harlington Bedfordshire. From the 1881 census Elizabeth's place of birth is given as Canterbury Kent, her father was in the army. Matthew SEAMARK and Phylis BROWN had the following children:

child9 i. James SEAMARK was born on 4 Aug 1805 in Stagsden. He died on 1 Feb 1807 in Stagsden.
child+10 ii. Elizabeth SEAMARK.
child11 iii. Maria SEAMARK was born on 17 Jul 1809 in Chertsey, Surrey. She died on 19 Jul 1809 in Chertsey, Surrey.
child12 iv. Matthew SEAMARK was born in 1814 in Fordington St George. He died in 1814.