1. Matthew SEMARK was born before 1720 in unknown. He was Entitlement to Beef and Barley, Poddington Christmas Poor List in Dec 1747 in Poddington. He died on 16 Oct 1763 in St Mary The Virgin Podington. From County records;

1905 : No Seamark or derivative headstones at Poddington [or even Stagsden], which indicates the family was not semi-wealthy ie food was more important

Poddington Records : No references to any Seamark, did not pay any rent and did not find any references in the Manor Records.

Still to check Overseers books, have finally found the reference numbers for the period of Seamark settlement.


I have one Matthew from Old that could be this Matthew. The Old Matthew could also be Matthew of East Haddon. Todate it is not possible to say which is which. Unlikely to be the same person but interestingly the year after the last Seamark birth at East Haddon, Our Matthew marries in Poddington. Due to the fact we have two Matthew burials this fact becomes more of interest ... The other point is that Matthew East Haddon had many children but no Matthew ?? so is the East Haddon Burial a missing son.

Matthews known form Northants :

1653 28 Sept Marriage Matthew Seamarke and Ann Adkins [Winwick]

1698 Poll Tax payment Matthew Semark [Sibbertoft]

1704 Nov 11 Marriage Licence, Matthew of Sibbertoft [OLD] and Elizabeth Vernon of Sibbertoft. To be married Sibbertoft.

1705 Birth Matthew Son of Matthew Seamark [and Elizabeth] in the original parish book no wifes name given just ........ [Old]

1713 May 24 Birth Ambrose Seamarke Son of Matthew and Elizabeth [big gap in years between children [Old]

1714 Ambrose an Orphan [Old] . I have looked at the original parish book not a copy and no sign of Matthew or Elizabeth Burial

1729 April 27 Marriage of Matthew Seamark of East Haddon and Elizabeth Robbins

1729-1735 1 son and 3 daugh baptisms of children of Matthew East Haddon, the son was called John

1736 Matthew marries in Poddington

1763 Matthew buried Poddington [second known wife re-marries and moved to Finedon Northants]

1768 Nov 20 Burial Mathew Semarke buried in sheep wool only [East Haddon]

He was married to Mary FARREL on 31 May 1736 in Poddington. Mary FARREL was born in 1711. She died on 2 Oct 1750 in St Mary The Virgin Podington. Matthew SEMARK and Mary FARREL had the following children:

child2 i. William SEMARK was born on 3 Jun 1739 in Poddington. He died in 1742 in Poddington.
child3 ii. Mary SEMARK was born on 11 Oct 1741 in Poddington. She died on 15 Oct 1801 in Carlton, Bedford. A Mary Seamark of Turvey married a John Jackson of Carlton, Mary died 1801.
child4 iii. Elizabeth SEMARK was born before 1750. She died on 15 Oct 1760 in Poddington.

He was married to Elizabeth BRITTAIN on 16 Nov 1755 in Poddington. Elizabeth BRITTAIN was born in 1715. She died in 1799 in Finedon, Northants. Matthew SEMARK and Elizabeth BRITTAIN had the following children:

child+5 i. Joseph SEAMARK.