87. George Herbert SEAMARK was born in 1872.

He was married to Helen WATTON \ WALTON before 1900. Helen WATTON \ WALTON was born in 1879 in Lutterworth. She died about Dec 1941 in Stockport District. George Herbert SEAMARK and Helen WATTON \ WALTON had the following children:

child156 i. George Arthur SEAMARK was born in 1900 in unknown - Sheffield. He died in 1918 in WW1. Moved to Sheffield and then to Cheadle Stockport

Children George A Seamark

"We have checked the Electoral Register for 1918 and 1920. The only occupants of 15. Ash St, Cheadle Heath, were George Hubert Seamark and his wife Helen Seamark. We also checked the Absent Voters List for 1918-1925. There were no records for the above address. We have in our 'Biographies of World War 1' , a record of the death of Private G.A.Seamark, Cross Roads Cemetery - Nord. There is a small indistinct photograph.
I am sorry that we can not provide any more information."

Yours sincerely
Gillian Roberts
for The Director of Community Services

child157 ii. Frank SEAMARK (Private).
child158 iii. Charles SEAMARK (Private).