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Ann Semark, after the decease of William Sapcote married Sir David Phelip. David in the fourteenth year of Henry V11 was sheriff of the counties of Bedford and Buckingham. He was a benefactor to the church of Holme.  A window of that church : “Of your Charite pray for Sir Davy Phelip and my lady his wife, and for all benefactors of this windowe”. David living in 1502.  From “Bridges Northampton”


Philip, Sir David (1450-1506) : of Thornhaugh, Northants and Stamford. Squire of the Body 1485-1503, Keeper of Windsor Park; Servant to Lady Margaret. MP Northamptonshire 1491-2 (?1502)

Born in Wales : m.c 1485 Anne daughter and heir of Thomas Semark of Thornhaugh and widow of Sir William Sapcote.

 Served Henry Tudor in France; fought at Bosworth. Then made in quick succession – bailiff of Whittlesea mere, keeper of Windsor little park (jointly with Mr Richard Fox, the Kings secry), squire of the body with 50 marks yearly fee, steward of Fotheringhay, of Colly Weston, and of the Duchy lands in Northamptonshire and Hunts, parker of King’s Cliffe, Northants; keeper and governor of Jersey and the castle of Gurrey (ie Mont Orgueil) there (jointly with Matthew Baker), 28 Feb 1486. He got Catesby’s manors of Clipsham and Kirby-Bellars, and a corrody in Glos; exempted from redemption, 1485; deputy butler at Boston 1488; Sheriff, Northants, 1488-9; J.P Northants 1488-94.

 He was apptd to try breaches of military discipline in 1492, and Drakard says that he was employed by the lady Margaret as tutor to the infant heirs of the nobility and gentry, At Stamford, at Whittlesea mere, at Colly Weston, at King’s Cliffe – in so many grants, offices and places was he partner or forerunner of David Cecil (q.v) that a relationship between them seems likely [note see below]. Vice Chamberlain to Arthur , Prince of Wales, 1495; JP in Bucks, Glos, Heref., Salop and Worcs.; keeper of the swans, cygnets etc in Lincs, N’hants, Hunts and Cambs; pardoned in 1496; sheriff, Bucks and Beds 1498-9; master forester of Weybridge , 1501; kntd 18 Feb 1503; to him was committed the “finding and raiment” of Margaret Pole, Clarence da and heir, 1503; apptd by Parliament comnr. For the collection in Hunts of the subsidy of 1504; steward of the lands of Sir Guy Wolston (q.v) decd Aug 1504; jointly by David Cecil in the keepership of King’s Cliffe.

 Died just before 22 October 1506, when writs of diem clausit were sent to the eschrs. Of Hunts, Lincs, Bucks and Rutland. Will dated 25 September proved 10 December 1506. To be buried in St Mary’s Stamford. To wife £100, 60 oxen, 12 kine, 100 wethers and a gold goblet. Bequests to Son Hugh, and to daughter Margaret ( Lady Margaret’s god-child ?) , and to litell Davy Philip 10 ewe and 10 “lambys”, and to each of his das. 5 ewe and 10s . Bequests to godsons, Davy Souche, Davy Lynee etc to each godson called Davy 10s. Residue to Son Hugh. Exors :- Edward Hawtrey, Davy Scisseld (Cecil), Hugh Edwards, Robert Burnard. Supervisor, Master of Fotheringhay college. From “ Members of the House of Commons” by Roskell.


David Cecil (1460-1540), The Cecil family’s humble origin was to be often used to denigrate William and Robert Cecil. Its fortunes were founded by David Cecil’s service with Sir David Philip, who may have been his uncle. After perhaps fighting alongside him at Bosworth, Cecil settled near Philip at Stamford and married a kinswomen of his wife; Philip stood godfather to Cecil’s second son, was associated with him in grants of office and appointed him an executor.