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London Apprenticeship Abstracts (1442-1850)
Vice General Marriage Licence Allegations (1694-1850)
Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations (1701-1850)
Boyds Marriage Index (1538-1840)
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London Apprenticeship Abstracts (1442-1850)
Medcalf John, son of Henry, St George the Martyr, Middlesex, gentleman (deceased), to Thomas Seamark, 31 Mar 1744, Curriers' Company
Seamark Thomas, son of William, Yealding, Kent, wheelwright (deceased), to John Medcalfe, 2 Apr 1701 [6 Aug 1703 master (deceased) turned over to Abraham Worley; free], Curriers' Company
Seamark Thomas, son of William, Aylesford, Kent, yeoman, to Hannah Worley, widow, 11 Jan 1728/9 [free], Curriers' Company


Vice General Marriage Licence Allegations (1694-1850)


Licence Date,Surname Groom,Surname Bride,

Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations (1701-1850)

Licence Date,Surname Groom,FirstName Groom,Surname Bride,FirstName Bride,
29 Dec 1747,PINDER,Edward,SEAMARK,Elizabeth,
06 Sep 1804,SEAMARK,Rich'd,SLANNING,Sa'h,
31 Jul 1817,SEAMARK,Samuel,STEVENS,Mary Ann,
30 May 1739,SEAMARK,Thomas,BADHAM,Sarah,
31 May 1837,SEAMARK,William,RUMBLE,Sarah,



Boyds Marriage Index (1538-1840)

Licence Date,Surname Groom,FirstName Groom,Surname Bride,FirstName Bride,

1662 Ann Semarke married William Hunt Whittlesey Andrew , Cambridgeshire

1667 Catherine Semarke married Tobias Carter Whittlesey Mary , Cambridgeshire


Pallot’s Marriage Index 1780-1837 [not repeated if in Boyds]


Name Spouse Marriage Date Parish                 
Ezekiel Seamark Mary Taylor  1802  ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Elizth Seamark Alexr Wren  1803  St George The Martyr Queen Street
Elizth Seamark Thos Child  1803  Southwark 
Wm Seamark Sarah Brown  1811  ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS
Sarah Seamark Wm Laurence  1815  St George In The Borough
Thos Seamark Isabella Whitehead  1818  ST. PANCRAS
Mary Seamark Robt Pettifer  1822  STOWE NINE CHURCHES 
Elizth Seamark Hy Patterson  1823  ST. MARYLEBONE
John Seamark Jane Lound  1836  St George In The Borough
John Semark Amy Boyer  1829  St Boltolph Without Aldgate   
John Semark Mary Jerreatt  1825  Christchurch Newgate London   
Ann Semark Jas Smith  1805  Faxton Northamptonshire   
John Semark Charlotte Turner  1834  St Katherine Coleman   
Wills PRO
SEAMARK,Charles,Leicestershire,England,July,1755 [see Seamark-Jeffs]

From the will main points


1. Mother Elizabeth Seamarks [thus taken as Elizabeth Jeffs - 487]

2. No children mentioned, his wifes name was Dorothy Seamarks [a loving wife]

3. He left most of his possesions to Brother in Law, Edward Jeffs and Edward's children Mary and Dorothy providing they reached 21, as the will was written in 1755 then the children born after 1732.

4. Also spoke of London and Sugar Refining looks like Martin Gebhart [Gobhart] of Blackfriars, familysearch does show a Gebhart family in Blackfriars in 1772

5. He left a small sum for his mother but I expect the expectation is for Edward to care.

6. He had land and cottages, he also seemed to have some money


From further research Seamark London:


Listed in A Compleat Guide to All Persons Who Have Any Trade or Concerns Within the City of London, and Parts Adjacent. 4th. edn., 1749, OSBORN, J.. London
Printed for J. Osborne, at the Golden Pall, Paternoster-row

Jeffs & Seamark 1726-1750 Address: Thames street, London
Purpose: merchants, commerce(s)

Listed in Kent's Directory for the Year 1753. 20th edn., 1753, KENT, Henry. London [and 1775 edition]

Seamark & Jeffs Address: Breadstreet-hill, London Purpose: grocers, food/drink(p/s) 1751-1775

Listed in The London Directory for the Year 1772. Containing an Alphabetical List of Names and Places of Abode of the Merchants and Principal Traders of the City of London. 3rd edn., 1772. London Printed for T. Lowndes

Wight & Seamark 1751-1775 Address: 47, St. Paul's church yard, London
Purpose: merchants, commerce(s)

Appears in A Biographical Database of Members of the London Book Trade 1701-1800., 1701-1800 For further information contact Michael L. Turner, The Bodleian Library, Oxford.

SEAMARK, Thomas  Stationers' Company apprentice book/paper/printing trades(a) Address(es): London




Frances Seamark died before 17 July 1799 the date the will was granted by Sir William in London. [known Northants set]


Frances left her possessions to her four grandchildren;


Elizabeth who also acted as Executive


And the children of

xxxxxxx Seamark of Brigstock, Northants, guess would be David [or Daniel]

children being Alice, Francis and John Seamark



Leicestershire, England: Parish and Probate Records


1734 Seamark, Seamarke, Henry, Halstead Adm. [guess related : jeffsseamark.htm ]

Died in administration, the document is printed with spaces filled in £186 held and firmly bound unto the Right Revd Richard Lord Bishop of ??  Not a Will.

Charles Seamarke labourer and John Hawkins grocer or grazer executors

No mention of relationship but all going to Charles Seamarke the intesting part is the inventory including :

88 Sheep and Lambs £32 , 3 Cows and Calves £9 , 18 Sheep £8, Wool £10 , Clothing £1 [seems to be low] also seems to be a reference to .. other materials belonging to his shopp

Written 20th July 1734.



1746 Seamark, Charles, Halstead [guess related : jeffsseamark.htm ]

Will is of Charles Saymark of Halstead but son Charles Seamark  very clear spelling difference!! The main heir was Daughter Ellen Seamark [the proved part of the will states by 1746 Ellen married to Thomas ?Branson? of Tilton  : LDS note 1744 Elinor Seamark married Thomas Braunston, Leicester - again no proof]. Ellen was charged with handing out the money :

Charles Saymark son Charles 5 shillings, Charles Saymark grandson Charles Seamark half a crown. Ellen had to look after mother in a Christian way if mother outlived Charles Saymark. No other details - marks of Charles Semark [another clear spelling difference] , Tomas ?Coaly?, Thomas Bird and John Barsby.

Written 3rd January 1734, Proved May 1746

[seamark note: Braunston's in West Haddon Northants 1760's, a Seamark stronghold]


Other Wills


Adam Seamark – Essex [ may not all be the same person]


Indictment of William Dunwell of Colchester labourer, there, took a leather purse worth 1d and 13s in it, belonging to Adam Semark. Pleads not guilty [1588]


John Jennings of Matlon Cooper and Richard March of Tollesbury husbandman, alice wife of John pollie of Tollesbury seamen to keep peace to Adam Semark [1644]


Fined for carrying on a trade without been apprenticed for seven years, from 10 February 1661. Adam Seamark of Tollesbury Cordwainer [Shoe trade] as Barber.


Will of Adam Seamark dated 1666 of Tollesbury mentions daughter Sarah and wife not named, a house owned in the occupation of Richard Dunnings, mentions William Johnson and John Batt. Nice finish Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland Kings defender of the faith [will in English] [proved 1667]


Mark Walter Seamark [see Northants]


posted in Northampton Independent Sept 8th 1923 incs big Picture, face does not look like a Seamark set 70


M.W Seamark - 116 Ashburnham Rd Northampton aged 58

Valued and untiring employee of Messrs Rush & Son Ltd [Shoemakers]

Active within the Northampton Managers and Foreman Assoc

Member of the Mt Pleasant Baptist Church

Member of the Hospital Sports Committee, played bowls


from the Will, wife Elizabeth Seamark left his wife a unit 104, Kettering Rd, Northampton.

Will written 1908 and granted after death to Elizabeth on 26th October 1923



Mary Ann Seamark [see Northants]


It would seem left two houses in Kettering Rd to be shared between Grandchildren Sarah Jane Corby [or Cosby], Kate Seamark and Mark Walter Seamark. Also left £20 to Lucy May Seamark now Lucy May Parker [or Barker] widower of Son Martin.


Will written 3rd June 1891 , Granted 1903 to exec Mark W Seamark [see above will]


Eliza Jane Seamark [see Northants]


This one rather technical and I would really need to copy write to be sure 100% as it goes on and on about annual incomes etc below is from a 10 minute read


Wife of William Seamark , William to receive £30 on death after debts. Eliza's private account to pass to Florence Eugenie J Cox Known as Florance Passoff, the will also mentions Eliza's brother Alfred Simonds in case Florence has no husband or children.


Will written 7/1/1883


interesting part - 10 days later an amendment to say that Eliza and William had taken a £150 loan against real estate. Whilst it seemed at one point that William had to repay the £150 on death the next sentence seemed to let him off. Eliza was still going to allow William £30 on death


amendment 27/1/1883


Will granted in 1885 but only left a total of £25 gross,


Other English Events


Margarett Seamark Spinster buried 7 December 1597

Shropshire: Oswestry - Parish Registers, St. Asaph Diocese

Register of Haiston, Burials – Oswestry Parish Registers – Decembris Mensis 1597


Suffolk: - Subsidy Returns, 1524

Henry Semark £8 4 0

Burials Stowe Hundred for first year 180/133 The North Warde, Suffolk


Inquisitiones Post Mortem for the City of London, Wills and Adminsitrations, 1561-1577

Thomas Semarke , Hallowghton 6  , 1565
Robert Sare & Johan Semarke 26 Jul 1578 Marriages at Staplehurst, Kent


American Data


Passenger and Immigration List


Immigrant  Location Year Page Document  Source


Seamark, Hubert J.    Nebraska  1895   Immigrant Record


Seamark, Richard    Pensacola, Florida  1781  Immigrant Record 

-1780?? Payment for Pensacola 4 Jan 1780 from The Crowne Rich'd Seamark for Amt. Of Provisions           

-1785 Richard Seamark Shopkeeper Pensacola Florida                        


Seamark, William    Michigan  1867   Immigrant Record 

Seamark, Thomas    Michigan  1868   Immigrant Record  

Seamark, George    Ohio  1853    Immigrant Record 

Seamark, James    Ohio  1853    Immigrant Record 

Seamark, Edward    Ohio  1858   Immigrant Record 
Name Age Gender Residence Native Country Embarkation Ship Arrival Date 
 Seamark, George 27  Male  Unknown  Ireland  Liverpool  Columbus 8 October 1849


Civil War Pension Index Federal

Clark E Semark , State Filed Michigan filed 2 Aug 1899, application no ?1988362?


World War 1 Draft

Harry Wilson Seamark , Drafted September 12 1918 ,Cabnet Maker ,

Born 9 August 1873 ?Qurroso Casket Co? Kin: Rille Semark

Medium build Blue Eyes , Brown Hair

County Shiawasse, Michigan. Roll 1682900


Registered Deaths [born pre-1920]

Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence (all before 1951 unless stated Issued SSN]


Althea C. Seamark 15 Feb 1887 4 Dec 1994 Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California Nebraska 506-07-2236 

Clifford Seamark 28 Mar 1896 Oct 1971 Kankakee, Kankakee, Illinois Illinois 333-09-3980 

Clinton O. Seamark 21 Oct 1892 1 Aug 1991   Illinois  347-01-6914 

Erma F. Seamark 21 May 1906 30 Jul 2003 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington Illinois  338-12-8475 

Fay Seamark 19 Aug 1906 13 May 1992 Charlotte, Eaton, Michigan Michigan  371-10-3476 

Gertrude Seamark 8 Aug 1885 Mar 1975 Stoystown, Somerset, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 170-26-5260 

Grace Seamark 17 Dec 1879 Jul 1963   District of Columbia 579-07-4175 

Irene Seamark 8 Jun 1911 17 Jul 2002 Charlotte, Eaton, Michigan Michigan 368-14-8333 

Olive Seamark 11 Jul 1886 Jan 1964   Nebraska 506-07-7721 

Ruby Seamark 5 Oct 1896 May 1982 Beltsville, Prince Georges, Maryland California 551-18-2131 

Sylvia Seamark 15 Apr 1902 Nov 1990   Illinois (1963 ) 327-40-1817 

Thomas Seamark 6 Nov 1911 Apr 1983 Highland, Oakland, Michigan Michigan  378-10-6150 

Vida Seamark 9 Feb 1901 Jan 1985 Kankakee, Kankakee, Illinois Illinois (1972 ) 326-56-0883 


Michigan Oakland County 1800-1917


Name Birth Date Birth Place Spouse Marriage Date Residence Death Date

Seamark, James 1855  England        Troy, MI    

Seamark, Joseph 1852  England  Percis E. Jones  Nov 22, 1877  Commerce, MI  Aft. 1877 

Seamark, Thomas 1847  England        Troy, MI    

Seamark, William 1821  England  Mary, b. 1819 England     Troy, MI  


1860 Census

Name Home in 1860 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Gender


James Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 49  1810 England  Male  

Mary Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 45  1814 England  Female  

George Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 41  1818 England  Male  

Edward Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 40  1819 England  Male  

Wm Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 39  1820 England  Male  

Mary Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 41  1818 England  Female  

Thomas Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 13  1846 England  Male  

Joseph Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 8  1851 England  Male  

James Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 5  1854 England  Male  


1870 Census

Name Home in 1870  Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender


Edward Seamark Gardner, Grundy, IL 43  1826 England  White  Male  

Charlotte Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 19  1850 England  White  Female  

George Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 51  1818 England  White  Male  

James Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 60  1809 England  White  Male  

James Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 3  1866 Illinois  White  Male  

Mary Seamark Vienna, Grundy, IL 56  1813 England  White  Female  

James Seamark Avon, Oakland, MI 15  1854 England  White  Male  

Joseph Seamark Avon, Oakland, MI 19  1850 England  White  Male  

Mary Seamark Avon, Oakland, MI 50  1819 England  White  Female  

William Seamark Avon, Oakland, MI 50  1819 England  White  Male  

Ellen Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 20  1849 Michigan  White  Female  

Thomas Seamark Troy, Oakland, MI 25  1844 England  White  Male 


1880 Census

Name Home in 1880 Age in 1880 Est.Birth Year Birthplace Gender Relation to head-of-house


George SEAMARK Vienna, Grundy, IL 60 <1820> ENG  Male  Self  

James SEAMARK Vienna, Grundy, IL 70 <1810> ENG  Male  Self  

Mary SEAMARK Vienna, Grundy, IL 65 <1815> ENG  Female  Wife  


1895 Iowa

Name Age Birthplace Race County Town


James E. Seamark 28  Illinois  W  Hancock  Britt 

Carrie Seamark 26  Illinois  W  Hancock  Britt 

Clinton O. Seamark 2  Illinois  W  Hancock  Britt 


1900 Census

Name Home in 1900 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Relation to Head-of-house


Edna Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1883  Kansas  White Stepdaughter  

Hallie Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1848  Pennsylvania  White Wife  

Harry F Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1877  Kansas  White Son-in-law  

James E Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1880  District of Columbia  White Daughter  

John E Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1875  District of Columbia  White Son  

John L Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1838  England  White Head  

Mary E Seamark Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1881  District of Columbia  White Daughter  


1910 Pennsylvania

Name Age Race Birthplace County and/or City Relation Other Residents


Frederick Seamark 32  W;W  England  Montgomery, Norristown  Workman 


Henry E Seamark 53  W  England  Philadelphia, Philadelphia  Head of Household 

Relation Name Age Birth Place

Wife Malinda 39 Pennsylvania

Daughter Ruth 16 Pennsylvania

Stepson Herbert Wallace 18 Pennsylvania

2 non-relatives 


1910 Census

Name Home in 1910 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender


Harry L Seamark ED 18, WASHINGTON, DC 1875 District of Columbia  White  Male 

John E Seamark ED 181, WASHINGTON, DC 1874 District of Columbia  White  Male 

Charles Seamark 1-WD MARSEILLES, LASALLE, IL 1864 Illinois  White  Male 

William Seamark 4-WD CHEBOYGAN, CHEBOYGAN, MI 1870 Michigan  White  Male 

James Seamark WHITE LAKE TWP, OAKLAND, MI 1855    White  Male  

Joseph Seamark WHITE LAKE TWP, OAKLAND, MI 1851    White  Male 

Harry Seamark CALEDONIA TWP, SHIAWASSEE, MI 1873 Michigan  White  Male 

Relle Seamark NEW HAVEN TWP, SHIAWASSEE, MI 1879 Michigan  White  Female 

Georgina Seamark 1-WD DETROIT, WAYNE, MI 1877    White  Female 

Edwin G Seamark 8-WD LANCASTER, LANCASTER, PA 1878    White  Male 

Frederick Seamark 2-WD NORRISTOWN BORO, MONTGOMERY, PA 1877    White  Male 

Henry E Seamark 18-WD PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA, PA 1856    White  Male 


1920 Census

Name Home in 1920 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race View Image


Seamark, Charles W Manlius, LaSalle, IL 1865 Illinois  White  

Seamark, Jas Round Grove, Livingston, IL 1867 Illinois  White  

Seamark, Grace Brentwood, Prince George's, MD 1879 District of Columbia  White  

Seamark, Carnie Dundee, Monroe, MI 1883 Michigan  White  

Seamark, James White Lake, Oakland, MI 1856 England  White  

Seamark, Joseph White Lake, Oakland, MI 1851 England  White  

Seamark, William Manistique, Schoolcraft, MI 1871 Michigan  White  

Seamark, Harry Caledonia, Shiawassee, MI 1874 Michigan  White  

Seamark, Harry A Midland, Gage, NE 1889 Nebraska  White  

Seamark, Forest O Toledo, Lucas, OH 1896 Michigan  White  



1930 Census

Name Home in 1930, Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Relation to head-of-house


Grace Seamark Washington, Washington, DC abt 1890  USA  White  Lodger  

John J Seamark Honolulu, Honolulu, HI abt 1907  New Jersey  O  Soldier  

Charles Seamark Marseilles, LaSalle, IL abt 1866  Illinois  White  Head  

Jennie Seamark Marseilles, LaSalle, IL abt 1867        Wife  

James E Seamark Round Grove, Livingston, IL abt 1867  Illinois  White  Head  

Carrie Seamark Round Grove, Livingston, IL abt 1868        Wife  

Leo Seamark Round Grove, Livingston, IL abt 1900        Son  

Sylvia N Seamark Round Grove, Livingston, IL abt 1902        Daughter  

James Seamark Highland, Oakland, MI abt 1856  England  White  Head  

Louisa Seamark Highland, Oakland, MI abt 1859        Wife  

Olive M Seamark Lincoln, Lancaster, NE abt 1887  Nebraska  White  Head  

Althea Seamark Lincoln, Lancaster, NE abt 1895  Nebraska  White  Lodger  

Edwin Seamark Quemahoning, Somerset, PA abt 1879  England  White  Head  

Gurtmde E Seamark Quemahoning, Somerset, PA abt 1886        Wife  

Alice C Seamark Quemahoning, Somerset, PA abt 1909        Daughter  

Henry E Seamark Quemahoning, Somerset, PA abt 1856        Father  


Australian Data


World War 1 Australian Forces

Pte Albert Wilkie Seamark  24th Battalion, 5698

-Died 28 September 1918


Pte Cyril Seamark 60th Battalion, 2551

-Died  20 March 1917, FRANCE 380 Delsaux Farm Cemetery


Sgt Charles Stanley Seamark A.Prov.C, 565


L/Cpl George Seamark 22nd Battalion, 1096

-Died 30 July 1916, FRANCE 167 Beauvel Communal Cemetery


World War 2 Australian Forces


Jeffery Charles Seamark Gunner NX191481 AA BTY RABAUL

Died at Sea, Presumed dead 1 July 1942



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