Seamarks Family History

St Medard

UK : 1881 67% of Seamark were born in Northants, Beds or Kent.

UK : 1881 91% of Seamarks were born in Bedfordshire.


Updated November 2011







This web-site is an insight to St Medard, Semark, Seamark and Seamarks genealogy, not just BMDs but history of places and people, the site does not contain all known information and is updated on a regular basis. See sections below.


The Surname Seamarks is a modern Bedfordshire surname; with the first found use Thomas Seamarks baptised Stagsden 1821. Upto this period the derivates are numerous with the popular, derivates being St Medard, de St Marco, de Semarc, Seyntmerk, Semark, Semarke, Seamark and Seymark.


The Extended Tree includes my Curtis, Davis, Pallant, Sheldrake and Williman Lines plus many other lines, in theory the Tree contains family members born pre-1920.


To add confusion families and even people changed surnames during their lives once even as recent as the 1910’s for example my great-grandfather dropped the S when buried.


The earliest Seymark document linking Northamptonshire to London [two main Seamark hot areas are Northants and Kent] ignoring the Court of Henry VIII is William Seymark from Weldon, Northamptonshire to London 1545.


In terms of modern day the GRO indexes for Seamark and Seamarks have been transcribed 1837-2003.


Distribution 1881 [totals]


Place of Residence

Seamark  51 Northamptonshire 27 Bedfordshire 39 Kent 28 Middlesex  212 England

Seamarks 23 Bedfordshire 1 Devon 24 England


Place of Birth

Seamark  68 Northamptonshire 29 Bedfordshire 49  Kent 0 Middlesex  215 England

Seamarks 22 Bedfordshire 2 Buckinghamshire 24 England


1881 67% of Seamark were born in Northants, Beds or Kent.

1881 91% of Seamarks were born in Bedfordshire.



Data, People and Research


The Early Years


The  Early years    updated  August 2006


Royal Servants   updated 25th November 2005

[Tree of St Medard with connections to Catherine Howard, Duke of Norfolk, Bedford etc]


Bosworth 1485  New 12th November 2003


St Medard/Seamark , Earl of Bedford Links  updated 28 February 2004


Seamark , Hatfield House Link, Earl of Salisbury updated 4th November


St Medard link to John F Kennedy  New 14th October 2003


Sapcote New October 14th   Ann Semark updated 8th January 2006


Katherine Semarke  Sister of Ann, Vincent pedigree update 4 March 2004


Alderman of Stamford 1461-1663  New 8 October 2003


Bridges Thornhaugh  plus other notes 6th March 2004


St Medard Estates  updated September 2006


William Seymark 1545 Will Weldon Northamptonshire / City of London. New 6th April 2004


Henry Semark  1512 King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, updated 12th May


John Semark / Semarke   1500’s Canterbury  inc Mayor of Canterbury    September 2006



Post Middle Ages



England and Wales Registrar General Indexes Seamark / Seamarks 

Births, Marriages, Deaths and British Army Registrar Index. Seamark and Seamarks BMDs 1837-2003 fully transcribed.   Updated 21st July 2004


Extended Family Tree 

Updated April 2007


My Ancestors Tree PDF – Seamarks, Davis, Pallant, Curtis, Sheldrake, Willaman etc

New 16th September 2003


Decendents of Matthew Semark  - first seven generations only PDF book  also in WEB form  updated 28 February 2004


Stagsden Seamarks, Seamark, Semark Tree PDF  -  Non “S[e]amark[s]” members not included due to size of Tree  New 16th September


Genealogy Photography,  People, Gravestones etc    updated 4th July 2005



The Problem – Matthew 1805  New 12th June 2003

The Apprentices – Indentured Apprentices 1714-1892

The Boxer – Theodore William John Seamarks “Stagsden Member”

The Coach Family – Seamarks Bros “Stagsden Family”  updated 21st June

The Labour Party Pioneer – James William Seamark “Stagsden Member”  updated 27/1/2004

The Napoleonic Soldier – Matthew Seamark “Stagsden Member”  updated 19th August 2004

The Poacher – James Seamark “Stagsden Member”

The Royal Pardon

The Solders  updated August 2006

WW1 Medal Cards index 17th October 2004 , Seamark and Seamarks

The Women

John the family name   Updated 9th May  2004

Seamark – Jeffs  updated 3rd April 2004


The Cough Drop Man of Washington DC – John Lound Seamark   Updated 2/1/2004

Northamptonshire, London, Washington family tree


The “Finedon” Bedford Seamark Family  New 30th January 2004

The “Other” Bedford Family tree


Seamark Luton Shop Advert – October 1925.  New 16th Jan 2004

Any information on the owners or clothing/milliners shop, Market Hill Luton would be welcome.


Northamptonshire Settlement Time Line And Early Midlands Strays - Pre-1852 – Contains ALL 1841 and 1851 Northants Census  updated 30th November 2004


Northamptonshire Parish Map Showing Seamark Settlement movement pre 1852


National Probate Register 1858 –1943  Completed 31st December


Fragmented Information including; updated 10th September 2004
London Apprenticeship Abstracts (1442-1850),Vice General Marriage Licence Allegations (1694-1850),Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations (1701-1850)
Partial Boyds Marriage Index (1538-1840), Wills PRO, Other Wills, American Data.


Census Information [also Bedford/Luton address information]

updated 30th November 2004, Also see Northants Timeline


1871 Census Data Semark , Seamark and Seamarks  New 12 September 2004


1891 Census Data Seamark  1891 Census data England , not complete 24th December


London Gazette Information   updated 14 March 2004

Mainly Military


London Times upto 1950  New 1st September 2004


1876 Harrod’s Directory Of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxon
outline of Pavenham, Stagsden and Stevington , Bedfordshire  updated 10th January 2004
Stevington Genealogy  updated 3 September 2004
Brief Village history, 1844 Emigration of Poor to Australia, 1851 Census Index full village , 1861,1871, 1891 partial Census and 1871 Village Census inc Railway Strays.
Stagsden 1851 Census Listing including 1810-1816 Poor Book extracts updated 19th August 2004
1871 Bedford Poor House – new 6th September 2004
Appleby of Bedford, Clophill and Eaton Socon – Brief outline, 1871 and 1891 Bedfordshire listings added updated 20th June 2003
Pallant Wills  - Court Rolls, Manor of Hitcham Suffolk, Direct line updated August 2006
Rose, Gert and Alice Pallant – Three sisters in service  updated 12th December 2004
Pallant Cosford–Plomesgate Suffolk partial 1851, 1871 Census and UK Probate wills updated 14 November 2004
Pallant GRO Post 1911 Marriages New 28 October 2004
Pallant Mitford of Mitford Castle Connection, Mitford Sisters  August 2008
Proverbs  Newcastle. Wednesbury, ? Barbados ?  November 2007
Pursers of Pavenham Bedfordshire and Ireland Updated 8th January 2006
Pye of Essex, Pebmarsh, Twinstead, Henny, Colne area updated 27th March 2004
Sheldrake Pre 1842 data  October 2006
Smith Family of Brewood Staffordshire New Feb 2004
Snell of Essex. Middleton, Henny etc  updated 27th March 2004
Tyrrell of Hanwell – George Walter Tyrrell  May 2007
Williaman – Herbert Fenton Williaman, BBC Radio 4 Transcript. New 7th September
A fascinating insight to the 1800s.
Rev Joseph Willamott  New 4th October 
Methodist Minister, Development of Willamott-Williaman surname, Uncle to Herbert Fenton Williaman
George Alexander  Australian Cricketer 1st Test Match England Australia updated March 2006
Bucke – Suffolk and London  November 2011 
Poppy -  Great Yarmouth to China   August 2006
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