Robert Mitford (1612-1672 m. Philadelphia Wharton [Mitfords of Mitford Castle]
John Mitford (1636-1720) m Sarah Powell (1638-1739) Humphrey Mitford (1632-) m Francis Vane 
William Mitford (1662-1747) m Margaret Edwards (1662-) Philadelphia Mitford m George Marttyns Robert Mitford (1662-1707) m Ann Ashton (1668-)
Lord Mayor of London
John Mifford (1688-1761) m Philadelphia Reveley (1719-1797) Sarah Merttins
John Mitford
William Mitford (1744-1827) m Frances  [ Historian ] Robert Mitford m Elizabeth Boodle [Boodle club London named after this family]
Henry Mitford (1769-1803) m Mary Anstruther John Mitford (1740) m Sarah Boodle 
m2 Mary Allen
Henry Reveley Mitford (1804-1883) m Georgina Jemina Ashburnham Rev John Mitford (1781) m Augusta Boodle
Had child pre-wedding JM wanted his illg' son to be part of family
Augusta walked out just after marriage, wedding day described as 
Algeman Bertram-Freeman Mitford (1837-1918) m colourful 
Clementine Gertrude Helen Ogilvy 
John Mitford Ling m Mary Ann Pallant d of John Pallant (1792-1865)
David Bertram Ogilvy Mitford (1878-) m Sydney Bowles
The Mitford Sisters [ Guinness Family, Oswald Mosley, Hitler etc ]
Max Mosley