National Probate Register 1858 –1943


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Mary Anne Seamark Kent Administration 1855


Folio 1/55 Administration granted 1853-1857


Thomas Seamark [<£600] died 27 Dec 1858


Thomas Seamark 25 January letters of administration of the personal effects of Thomas Seamark late of Tranquil Vale Blackheath in the county of Kent cowkeeper a widow deceased who died 27 December 1858 at Tranquil Vale aforesaid were granted at the principal registry to Richard Seamark of St Albans Carleon in the county of Monmouth Gentleman and Brother and one of the next of kin of the said deceased he having been first sworn


Folio 3/38 Administration 1859 page 32


John Busley Seamark [<2,000] died 15 March 1865


John Busley Seamark 15 April. The will of John Busley Seamark late of the New Inn Windsor in the county of Berkshire Victualler deceased who died 15 March 1865 at the New Inn aforesaid was proved at the principal registry by the oaths of Robert Arnold Hullah of 67 Bernes St Oxford St in the county of Middlesex Auctioneer and John Symes Langley of 33 Fenchurch St in the City of London gentleman the executors. Effects under £2,000


Folio 9/97 1865


Richard Seamark [<3,000] died 20 June 1866


Richard Seamark Esq 22 September under £3,000. The will of Richard Seamark formerly of Sidcup in the county of Kent but late of Mount St Albans in the county of Monmouth Esquire deceased who died 20 June 1866 at Mount St Albans aforesaid was proved at the principal registry by the oaths of Richard Suter of Castle Hill Maidenhead in the county of Berkshire Esquire and Sarah Seamark Suter Castle Hill aforesaid Spinster and Mary Georgina Suter of Castle Hill aforesaid spinster the grand-daughters of the executers


Folio 10/89 1866 page 75


Eliza Jane Seamark [£25] died 30 Aug 1884


26 February . The will with a codicil of Eliza Jane Seamark [Wife of William Seamark] late of Castilian St in the town of Northampton in the county of Northamptonshire of who died 30 August 1884 at Castilian St was proved at Northampton by the said William Seamark of Castilian St Draper and John Thomas Parker of Wellingboro in the said county gentleman the executers. Probate granted under certain conditions.


Page 439 1885


Thomas Seamark [£100] died 27 March 1881


Thomas Seamark 14 April Administration of the personal estate of Thomas Seamark late of Kingsthorpe in the county of Northamptonshire Gardner and bachelor who died 27 March 1881 at Kingsthorpe was granted at Northampton to Mary Ann Seamark of 46 Hood St in the town of Northampton spinster, the sister and one of the next of kin


Page 440 1885


Eliza Seamark [£297 11s / £317 6s 10d] died 18 December 1878


Eliza Seamark 16 October Administration of the personal estate of Eliza Seamark late of Chilmark was granted to Thomas Henry Seamark of 18 Park Place Villas Paddington the county of Middlesex gentleman the son and one of the next of kin


Page 459 1886


Thomas Henry Seamark [£547 10s] 30 December 1897


18 Park Place Villas Paddington Middlesex died 30 December 1897 Probate London 26 January to Harriet Seamark widow. Effects £547 10s


Folio 42/33 1898 page 40


William Seamark [£225] 2 Feb 1898


27 Kinder St Staylbridge Lancashire died 2 Feb 1898 Probate London 28 February to Maria Seamark widow. Effects £225 13s 6d


Folio 42/33 1898 page 40


Mary Ann Seamark [£830 3s] 8 June 1903


94 Clare St Northampton Spinster died 8 June 1903 Probate Northampton 27 July to Mark Walter Seamark Leather and Grindery dealer and Alfred Powell Hawtin builder. Effects £830 3s


Folio 47/35 1903 page 43


Harriet Seamark [£595 7s] 11 July 1904


Harriet Seamark of 18 Park Place Villas Maida Hill Paddington Middlesex widow died 11 July 1904 Probate London 2 August to Mary Hurst and Emma Hurst spinsters. Effects £595 7s


Maria Seamark [£732] 9 May 1908


Maria Seamark of 27 Kinder St Stalybridge Lancs widow died 9 May 1908 at 20 Victoria St Stalybridge Probate London I June to Ingle Sutton  carter. Effects £732 4s 3d


Folio 52/27 1908 page 144


Edwin Seamark [£241 19s] 18 June 1912


Edwin Seamark of Church St Stoke Newington Middlesex died 18 June 1912 at 9 Bouverie Road Stoke Newington Probate 19 October to Charlotte Elizabeth Grange widow. Effects £241 19s


Folio 56/30 1912 page 151



William Seamark [£25] 1 July 1914


William Seamark of 600 Burns Road Karachi India died 1 July 1914 Administration London 18 May to Jane Elizabeth Seamark widow. Effects £25


Folio 59/33 1915 page 177


Will gives Jane Elizabeth’s address as 50 ?Ashilles Road?, West Hampstead

Note : This will be Jane Farmer.


William Seamark [£3803 17s 10d] 5 June 1916


William Seamark of Ivydene Chester Road Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire gentleman died 5 June 1916 Probate Birmingham 24 June 1916 to Emily Ann Hughes [Wife of Frederick Hughes] Mary Elizabeth Seamark spinster and Theophilus Canning Chemist. Effects £3803 17s 10d


Folio 60/32 1916 page 178


Will Bullet points:

Daughters Emily Ann Hughes of Chester Rd and Mary Elizabeth Seamark of Ivydene.

All household effects to Mary Elizabeth Seamark and £4 a week

Residue of income to Emily Ann Hughes

Mentions grand-daughters Elsie May, Jessie Kathleen and Edith Seamark to equally share the Estate on the death of Emily and Mary.


Charlotte Elizabeth Seamark [£1845 17s 6d] 2 Nov 1917


Charlotte Elizabeth Seamark of 12 Pollard Road Whelstone Middlesex widow died 2 November 1917 Probate London 10 April to Eleanor Susannah Reynolds [ Wife of Joseph Alfred Reynolds] and Amelia Ann Winterborn [wife of George Winterborn].

Effects £1845 17s 6d


Folio 64/36 1920 page 199


Robert Seamark [£60] 31 July 1909


Robert Seamark of East Haddon Northamptonshire died 31 July 1909 Probate London 29 March to Hannah Seamark widow. Effects £60


Folio 64/36 1920 page 199


Frank Seamark [£450 13s 5d] 23 July 1920


Frank Seamark of 57 Michael Lane Bridport Dorsetshire a Lieutenant 1st battalion Somerset Light Infantry died 23 July 1920 at Bovington military hospital wool Dorestshire administration with will Blanford 9 March to Hannah Seamark widow. Effects £450 13s 5d


Folio 65/38 1921 page 199


Harry Seamark [£130 4s] 5 March 1921


Harry Seamark of High St Woodville Derbyshire died 5 March 1921 Probate Derby 22 April to Elizabeth Seamark widow. Effects £130 4s


Folio 65/38 1921 page 199


Harry Leslie Warwick Seamark [£1706 16s 6d] 23 March 1921


Harry Leslie Warwick Seamark of 10 New Bedford Rd Luton Beds died 23 March 1921 Probate London 5 May to Jessie Seamark widow William Robert Jeakings manufacturer Albert Alexander Gibbs newspaper proprietor and Harry Leslie Frayer Seamark salesman. Effects £1706 16s 6d


Folio 65/38 1921 page 199


Mark Walter Seamark [£2213 14s 8d] died 20 August 1923


Mark Walter Seamark of 116 Ashburnham Rd Northampton died 20 August 1923 Probate Northampton to Elizabeth Seamark widow and Robert Barker carpenter. Effects £2213 14s 8d


Sarah Jane Seamark [£1073 3s] died 18 January 1930


Sarah Jane Seamark of Clifton on Dunsmore Warwickshire widow died 18 Jan 1930 Probate London 11 March to Herbert Blakeway Gardner. Effects £1073 3s


Harry Butlin Seamark [£128] died 27 January 1932


Harry Butlin Seamark of Fleets Cottages Chart Sutton Kent died 27 January 1932, administration Lodon 31 March to Emily Hilda Seamark widow. Effects £128


Walter Donald Seamark [£559 1s] died 17 November 1933


Walter Donald Seamark of 2 Police Cottages Gosport Lane Lyndhurst Hampshire died 17 November 1933 at the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital Southampton Administration (with will) London 15 January to Eva Dora Seamark widow. Effects £559 1s


Leonard Duart Bertie Seamark [£514 14s 3d] died 18 December 1939


Leonard Duart Bertie Seamark of Lawn Cottage Old Tiverton Road, Exeter died 18 December 1939 at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Exeter. Administration Exeter 7 March to Annie Seamark Widow. Effects £514 14s 3d



Sarah Ann Seamarks [£602 19s] died 6th Feb 1940


Sarah Ann Seamarks of 4 Nene Road, Higham Ferrers Northampton (wife of Herbert Seamarks) died 6 Feb 1940 Probate London 31 May to Gladys May Underwood (wife of Charles Underwood) and Stanley Arthur Cecil Seamarks Motor driver. Effects £602 19s.


Annie Dora Seamark [£544 3s 11d] died 11 Feb 1941


Annie Dora Seamark of ?112? Herkomer Rd Bushey Hertfordshire spinster died 11 Feb 1941. Probate Llandudno 10 April to Stanley Wilfred Seamark Commercial Traveller. Effects £544 3s 11d


Helen Seamark [£370 14s 1d] died 12 November 1941


Helen Seamark of 15 Ashe Street Stockport Cheshire widow died 12 November 1941 Administration Manchester 29 December to Alfred John Seamark Gun Borer. Effects £370 14s 6d


Jessie Seamark [£336 13s] died 9 August 1941


Jessie Seamarks of 47 High Street Higham Ferres Northamptonshire died 9th August 1941. Administration Peterborough 27 November to David Seamark farmer and Winifred Jessie Anderson (wife of Claude Goode Anderson) Effects £336 13s


Emily Hilda Seamark [£387 12 10d] died 28 December 1940


Emily Hilda Seamark of The Green Morchard Bishop Devonshire widow died 28th December 1940 Probate Exeter 17 January to Francis William Drew Engineer. Effects £387 12s 10d


Herbert Seamarks [339 12s 9d] died 3 November 1941


Herbert Seamarks of 3 Nene Road Higham Ferrers Northamptonshire died 3 November 1941 at the General Hospital Northampton Probate 25 April to Leonard Seamarks Garage Proprietor and Gladys May Underwood (wife of Charles Underwood). Effects £339 12s 9d


Leslie Arthur Seamark [£743 17s 5d] died 23 September 1942


Leslie Arthur Seamark of Lawn Cottage Old Tiverton Rd Exeter died on or some time after 23 September 1942 on war service. Administration Exeter 9 August to Elizabeth Annie Seamark widow. Effects £743 17s 5d.


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