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This section considers the period 1901-1914 of four sisters in London a far cry from the quite country home of Hitcham, Suffolk. Whilst the sisters seemed very content the tragic twists of World War 1 were not far away…




John and Amelia Pallant moved from Hitcham to London circa 1876. In 1881 John’s family was living at 36 Elcho Street, London with his first wife Amelia. John Pallant was a Bricklayer cum Stonemason. It is believed John worked on St Paul Cathedral based on a conversation with the owners of Pallant Cottage, Hitcham, Suffolk back in the 1980’s.


The following  is a very small sample of the interaction between sisters Alice [born 1882], Gert [born 1885] , Rose [born 1887] and Florence [born 1888] whilst in service. By the time the girls were in service, in the early 1900’s their father had re-married and returned to Hitcham, on and off. From the family wills it is known that John still had a London abode. John was last known occupation was Postman, Hitcham.


During Rose’s stay in London it is known she had an acquaintance called Ernest Smith. Ernest was in the Army, Ernest Smith No 10728, 4th Worc Regt, Served at Bareilly, India prior to the first world war and died in Gallipoli during World War 1. Rose received many cards detailing then recent history of India and the beauty of the local girls, these are not covered in the section below.


From the Commonwealth War Commission Ernest was aged 31 at time of death and is buried in Turkey [born 1884] Son of Charles and Esther Ann Smith, of Dean St., Brewood, Staffs. From the 1901 census a Charles Smith can be found in Brewood.



In Service


1901 Rose in Service “Woodgate Household” Chelsworth Rd Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England they had 5 Sons and 5 Daughters. [Rose aged 13],


1901 Alice Pallant in Service Eaton Terr Knightsbridge London [aged 19],


1903 27 December , Rose Pallant c/o Mr Knock Battisford Needham Market


[Mr Knock ? In 1901 the only Knock’s in Battisford were Herbert Knock’s family, Herbert was a farmer aged 50. Rose’s Second Great Grandparent was Mary Knock for further details see Tree and Will]


1904 22 December , unknown to Alice Pallant 6 Lennox Gardens


Loseley House will appear here [30KB PICTURE]


Loseley House, Guilford


1905 Loseley House, Guilford, Gert Pallant to Alice Pallant, 20 Mount Rd Haverhill Suffolk.  “Picture of the front of the house”


[This is the Haverhill address for Thomas Pallant, Alice’s uncle in the 1901 Census]


1905 5 July Postcard from London, Gert to Rose Pallant, The Vicarage Hitcham


Marble Arch will appear here [30kb picture]


1905 21 July Marble Arch Postcard, Gert to Rose Pallant, The Vicarage Hitcham Ipswich Suffolk [posted from Guilford]



Bilderstone Church will appear here [30kb picture]


Bilderston Church


1905 Father to Rose Pallant, Lansdowne House


1905 13 November , Gert Pallant [from Guilford] to Alice Pallant 6 Lennox Gardens, “will be at Harry’s on Wednesday”. Harry taken as brother Harry.



Chelsea The Old Hospital


1906 Chelsea Hospital Card, “ Shall be very pleased to see you, Sorry to say little Harry has been very ill” Emily.  From Emily [sister-in-law] to Rose at Lansdowne House, Lyndhurst Gardens, Hampstead



1906 April Chelsea Postcard “ Little Leggie [or Reggie] the baby is in St Georges Hospital kept in yesterday” from Harry, Emily and Family to Rose at Lyndhurst Gardens


[ During World War 2 one of Rose’s daughters served at RAF Tempsford, Bedfordshire. A Reg Pallant introduced himself as an uncle, both served at the base until Reg did not return. RAF Tempsford was a Top Secret base main roll sending spies to Norway and Europe, due to the repetitive nature of signing the Secrets Act Reg was not discussed. Until recently Harry’s family was unknown to children of Rose. From looking at the GRO index no obvious Reginald’s born around 1906, the postcard does look more like Leggie than Reggie but….]


1906 Mrs Hill, 6 Elwry Square, Pimlico, London [taken as Gertrude, Anna Gertrude Pallant married James Edward H Hill, September Qtr 1906 St Geo H Sq, London].



Rotton Row picture will appear here [30kb picture]


Rotton Row, Hyde Park


1907 27 May  “Dear Rose pleased to tell you that Gert is getting on very well was taken bad 4-30 Saturday it is a girl yours Ted” [Gert married a Ted Hill]


Sloane SQ Picture will appear here [30KB picture]


Slone Street


1907 December  Slone Street Postcard, Happy Xmas 1907  from Alice Pallant to Rose Pallant Lyndhurst Gardens



1909 26 February Gert [Guilford] to Rose Lyndhurst Gardens “ If you are coming over when you get out I shall be in as I am back from Surrey on Monday” Top left corner 61 Gatliff Buildings, Commercial Rd Pimlico, Postcard of Gatliff Buildings with x on front of postcard, identifies flat.


1909 12 August to Miss R Pallant White Horse Hitcham



Gatliff buildings will appear here [30kb picture]


Gatliff Buildings

[another view shows the building forming a quadrangle]



1909 21 August Postcard of Gatliff Buildings to Rose, Rose Pallant Hitcham Suffolk


1909 24 August Daisy (Friend) to Miss R Pallant Nr White Horse Inn Hitcham Bildeston Suffolk


Thames picture will appear here [30kb picture]


1910 from Alice 2a Grosvenor Place to Rose Lyndhurst Gardens


1910 27 August sent from Sudbury to Rose Pallant 2/0 J Pallant Nr White Horse Inn Hitcham


Haverhill picture will appear here [30kb]


Council School Haverhill


Post 1910.  From Alice [post mark Haverhill] to Rose Pallant Hatford St “ I shall be back in London tomorrow night will call in and see you between 7-8”   . Was Alice simply staying with “” family to catch the train.


1911 28 January from Alice to Rose c/o Mrs Wxxx 162 Lion Street [London Post Mark]



Polly Nathan’s Fishshop – Petticoat Lane


1911 21 July  Gert and Mother to Rose , “will be home at ¼ to 7, Station at 6 Platform 7 would be nice to see you”  15 Hertford Street Mayfair.  For the period 1911 to 1914, 15 Hertford St was occupied by Ernest Wilson Stoker MB Physician and Surgeon born 1865, Ireland.


1911 15 September to Rose Pallant 15 Hertford St from Polly Great Witiey Worcester


1911 12 October. Alice to Rose Pallant 15 Hertford St


Brettenham hall picture will appear here


Brettenham Hall


1912 1 March Brettenham Hall Postcard, Mother to Rose 15 Hertford Street  “…Mother and father feeling better”


chelsea picture [30kb picture]


Carabiniers Memorial Chelsea


1912 May Postcard Carabiniers Memorial Chelsea. From Gert to Rose 15 Hertford St Mayfair. “ The King and Queen passed by here today to open the flower show May 22nd…. Been looking for memorial Postcard and finally found”


1914 24 Feb Gertie to Rose 15 Hertford Street Mayfair, “ Went to hospital with Alice today and will have to go tomorrow” 


Bury St Edmonds picture will appear here [30Kb picture]


Bury St Edmunds


1914 28 April Father [Bury St Edmunds] to Rose Pallant 3 Cheyne Walk Chelsea. “mother fairly well… not enjoying working away but go where it is” .


Kelly's Pimlico Directory for 1914 records Rowland Edmund Prothero as occupying 3 Cheyne Walk . It is known that the Prothero’s where land agents for Lady Ampthil’s Bedfordshire residence, Oakley House.



 Hitcham picture will appear here [30 kb picture]





From Hitcham to Rose 3 Cheyne Walk Chelsea “kisses form Johnny? And Rosie to aunty Rosie xx from Polly”


Oakley House will appear here [30KB picture]


Oakley House, Near Stevington, Bedfordshire



Rose moved to Oakley House, Nr Stevington, Bedfordshire residence of Lady Ampthil [Duke of Bedford]. Rose married Edwin Cox who was reported missing in WW1. Rose second marriage was to Frederick George Seamarks.


Gert was known to be still living in Gatliff buildings post 1940, children Millie went to Jersey and Jack went into the RAF.  See Photo section


Alice no further history.



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