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James Seamark / Seamarks 1831-1919


Relationship : Third Great Grandparent


James “the poacher” used both surnames during his life. His Grave is inscribed Seamark.


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Lucy Craddock 1838 – 1923


Relationship : Third Great Grandparent


Wife of James 1831-1919, it can be clearly seen that the picture is taken on the same day, this dates the pictures pre-1919.


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Note: Surname Seamark.



Rose Pallant [Cox/Seamarks] 1887-1969


Relationship  : Great Grandparent


Rose was born in Pimlico London, the family was originally from Hitcham Suffolk, The family returned to Hitcham circa 1898.


Rose left Hitcham/Chelsworth Suffolk to return to London, whilst in Service, 1910's Rose met, Ernest Charles Smith, Ernest and Rose exchanged many postcards. Ernest died at Gallipoli 6th August 1915 service no 10728 4th Worc Regt prior to WW1 and Gallipoli, Ernest served in Bareilly India.


From the Commonwealth War Commission Ernest was aged 31 at time of death and is buried in Turkey [born 1884] Son of Charles and Esther Ann Smith, of Dean St., Brewood, Staffs.


Rose moved to Bedfordshire from London as a member of Lady Ampthil's "Oakley House, Household".


Wedding day group photograph, 30 June 1917, Stevington Beds. This is of Rose’s first marriage to Edwin Cox, Edwin can be seen in Army uniform. The other couple in the photograph are the Cowley’s. Edwin died WW1, Rose later married Frederick Seamarks.




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Frederick George Seamarks 1883-1921


Relationship  : Great Grandparent


At an early age became lame in one leg due to falling on a rusty tin. Frederick learnt the shoe trade in Rushden but always lived in Stevington. 


Left the Shoe trade for farming.


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Note: Seamarks



Frederick William Davis 1866-1933


Relationship : Great Grandfather

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Ethel Elizabeth Williman 1878 – 1967


Relationship : Great Grandmother


See Williman notes.




Edward “Ted” Cox 1917 - 1934


Relationship : Half grandnephew


Ted died young after taking up employment in Bedford in a factory. Wood dust on the lungs.


Factory work paid more than the Stevington Farms.


Mother: Rose Cox nee Pallant later Seamarks




John Edward Henry Hill  aka Jack Hill  1917-1985


Relationship First Cousin twice removed


Son of Gert Hill [nee Pallant], Born London 1917  Died Bristol 1985


Mentioned in 1963 Land Registry for Pallant Hitcham properties with Sister Gertrude aka Millie.


16 Nov 1963, The land is subject to the rights contained in a deed of grant between (1) Gertrude Amelia Thomas and (2) John Edward Henry Hill





Herbert Alfred Seamarks Born 8th February 1915, Plymouth Devon


Relationship : Half First Cousins twice removed


Joined Navy 17th July 1933. Herbert’s twin brother William George was killed in action on H.M.S. Galatea their father George Seamarks left Stevington Bedfordshire and joined the Navy on 13 July 1909 [George, Half brother of Frederick George Seamarks above].

Herbert ships included Queen Elizabeth 1935-1937, WW2  ships Drake, Rodney, Pembroke and Orion.

Photo 1951.





Arthur Harry Winkle Seamarks 1880 –1975

First Cousins three times removed


Left to Right Kathleen, Harry, Elsie, Beatrice


Front Emily Rebecca [nee Millard] with Lawrence








James William Seamark[s] and Ellen Seamark[s] [nee Appleby]. Picture circa 1937


Relationship : First Cousins four times removed


First Labour Council Member for Bedford and JP


James rose from the Bedford Poor House, and was an active member of the Howard Church in Bedford.




James and Ellen Seamark with Lillian Appleby [nee Knight] circa 1919


The second picture includes Lillian Knight of Olney who was apprenticed to James. The picture was taken prior to Lillian’s marriage to Aubrey Appleby nephew of Ellen Seamark. Aubrey was serving with the Australian forces in WW1 and met Lillian whilst visiting the Seamark’s household. The picture was taken prior to November 1919.










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Theodore William John Seamarks 1907-1987


Relationship : Second cousins twice removed


Middle photograph Johnny Seamarks [Left] and Reg Perkins before their Bedfordshire middleweight title fight.


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Florence Seamarks and Walter Seamarks

Relationship : Third Cousins



Albert Mitchell on the left. Florence Seamarks and Walter Seamarks (brother & Sister). Picture taken August 1973





Sydney Seamarks 1907-1967


Relationship : Third Cousins three times removed




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