John Russell husband of Anne Sapcote


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Anne Sapcote Grand-daughter of Ann Semark [ Ann De Semac]


1486 Born Before

1506 Gentleman of the Privy Chamber of King Henry VII

1509 Gentleman of the Privy Chamber of King Henry VIII

1513 Captain in the English Army (France)

1522 Knight (by Earl of Surrey)

1523 June Knight-Marshal of the Household

1523 Aug Secret Envoy to the Emperor, & Charles, Duke of Bourbon

1525 June-Nov Secret Envoy to the Emperor, & Charles, Duke of Bourbon

1526 Married Anne Sapcote, Dowager Lady Ferningham

1527 Jan Ambassador to the Pope (Clement VII) & Naples

1528 Shetiff counties Dorset and Somerset

1529-1536 MP Buckingham

1536 Joint Commissioner to try Insurgents in County of Lincoln

1537-1539 Comptroller of the Household

1538 Privy Councillor

1539 Created Baron Russell of Cheyneys

1539 April K.G

1539 High Steward of the Duchy of Cornwall, Warden of the Stannaries, Rider and Master Forester of Dartmoor Forset & Chace & Warden of Exmor Forest

1539 Constable of Restormell Castle, & Keeper of Restormell Park

1539 Keeper of Tiverton & Assheley Parks

1539 Keeper of Blockonnoc Manor & Park

1539 Steward of the Honours of Wykerlegh, South Tawton & Steele

1539 Keeper of Lydford Castle

1540-42 Lord High Admiral of England & Ireland

1540 Lord President Counties Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset

1542 High Steward of the University of Oxford

1543-1547 Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal

1544 July Captain-General of the Vanguard English Army in France

1544 July Lost an Eye

1545 Keeper of Rockingham Castle

1545 Lieutenant & Captain-General in the Western Counties and Wales

1546 Joint Executor to King Henry VIII

1547 Lord High Stewart of England for Coronation of King Edward VI

1547 Bearer of the Third Sword, Coronation of King Edward VI

1547 Privy Councillor

1547-1553 Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal

1549 Lieutenant of the Protector in Counties Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset

1550 Created Earl of Bedford

1550 Chief Commissioner to make peace with France

1552 First Special Commissioner to execute Penal Laws

1553 Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal

1554 Lord Lieutenant county of Devon

1554 April-July Ambassador Extraordinary to Spain

1555 March 14th Died

1559 Ann Sapcote died



Francis Russell


Great Grandchild of Ann Semark of Cheyneys


1527 Born

1547 Knight by King Edward VI

1547-1552 MP for Buckingham

1550-1555 st Lord Russell

1552 Summonsed to Parliament as Baron Russell

1553-1580 Lord Warden of the Stannaries

1555  Suceeded as 2nd Earl of Bedford

1557 Captain in the English Army (St Quentin)

1558 Lord Lieutenant Counties of Dorset, Devon & Cornwall & City of Exeter

1558 Privy Councillor

1558 Member of Gray’s Inn

1559 Assistant to the commissioners to draw up the new Liturgy

1559 Lord Lieutenant Counties Devon and Cornwall

1561 Ambassador Extraordinary to Paris

1564 Warden of the East Marches & Captain of Bewick

1564 KG

1565-1569 Lieutenant-General in Counties Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland & Durham

1566 Ambassador Extraordinary to Scotland

1566 Proxy for Queen Elizabeth at Baptism of James, Prince of Scotland

1569 Lord Lieutenant Counties Devon, Cornwall & City of Exeter

1569 Chief Commissioner of Musters in County Buckingham

1574 Lord Lieutenant Counties Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and City of Exeter

1576 Lieutenant of the Order of the Garter

1576 High Steward of Oxford

1581 Joint Commissioner to treat with the French Ambassadors

1584 Warden & Chief Justice in Eyre of the Royal Forests South of Trent

1585 Lord Lieutenant Counties Devon, Cornwall & Dorset


Francis Russell youngest daughter Margaret Russell married George Clyfford, third Earle of Cumberland. Died as a widow at Brougham Castle and buried at Appleby St Lawrence. Margaret’s tomb was erected by her daughter Ann Clyfford, wife of the Earl of Dorset, Her Arms;


Under countess's coronet, 4ly of 8; I, ar. lion rampant gu. on chief sa. 3 escallops of field (Russell) ; 2, sa. tower ar. (De la Tour) ; 3, barry of 8 or & gu. (Muschamp) ; 4, gu. 3 herrings hauriant ar. (Herring) ; 5, sa. griffin segreant ar. between 2 cross crosslets fitché or (Froxmere) ; 6, sa. 3 chevronels erm. (Wyse) ; 7, sa. 3 dovecotes ar. (Sapcote) ; 8, ar. on cross gu. 5 mullets or (Semark).



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