George Tyrrell 1883 - 1961








George Tyrrell was born in 1883, Hanwell Middlesex, son of George and Annie. George first married Alice Williman, as a widow George married a relation of Alice.


1891 Census extract..


TYRRELL, George Head Married M 35 Omnibus Conductor Hanwell Middlesex

TYRRELL, Annie R Wife Married F 33 Bledlow Buckinghamshire

TYRRELL, George W Son M 7 Scholar Hanwell

TYRRELL, Sidney W Son M 6 Scholar Hanwell Middlesex

TYRRELL, Ethel A Daughter F 5 Scholar Hanwell Middlesex



Glasgow University


John Walter Gregory hired George Tyrrell to work at Glasgow University. George was a lecturer in Geology at Glasgow University from 1913-1948. George worked as an Honorary Research Fellow beginning in 1949 and was
still there in 1955. George received a Ph.D from Glasgow University in 1923. His thesis (which is held in the Special Collection section of Glasgow University Library) was called 'Contributions To The Geology Of Spitzbergen.' In 1931 George received a D.Sc and his thesis (also held in the university library) was called 'The Geology of Arran.'

George has several other publications, among them 'The Whangie And Its Origin,' 1916, 'The Principles Of Petrology : An Introduction To The Science Of Rocks, 1930,' and 'Report On The 17th International Geological Congress, Moscow, 1937.


George had 2 publications in the Royal Philosophical Society, 'Spitsbergen,' 1929/30, p61-83 and 'A Geologist in the Soviet Union, 1942/43, p 41-52.

George Tyrrell was awarded the Neill Medal and Murchison Medal [1931]


Mount Tyrrell


Maps of Mount Tyrrell map 1 , map 2


Mount Tyrrell is at 6938' S, 6933' W rising to c.1300m on E side of Toynbee Glacier, NE Alexander Island, was photographed from the air by BGLE, 1 February 1937; surveyed from the ground by FIDS from "Stonington Island"
in 1948; in association with the names of British geologists grouped in this area, named after Dr George Walter Tyrrell (1883-1961), Senior Lecturer in Geology, Glasgow University, 1919-48, and author of papers on the petrology of the South Shetland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands; Chief Scientist, Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate Expedition, 1919; Chief Geologist, Scottish expeditions to Iceland, 1920 and (as Leader) 1924 (APC, 1955, p.21; DOS 610 sheet W 69 68, 1960). Mount Tyrell [sic] (BA, 1974, p.209). [Tyrrell Glacier, South Georgia, is also named after Dr G. W. Tyrrell.].