WW1 Medal Cards




[Seamarks Soldiers]


The following Seamark / Seamarks information is taken from the WW1 Medal Cards held at Kew, London. Any service information would be welcome, email.





Arthur Seamarks

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 5998 Private


Charles H Seamarks

Northamptonshire Regiment 17970 Private


Edwin Seamarks

Royal Welsh Fusiliers 4229 Private

Royal Welsh Fusiliers 266661 Private


Ernest A Seamarks

Royal Garrison Artillery 119535 Gunner


Francis J Seamarks

Bedfordshire Regiment 18516 Private


Frederick T Seamarks

Machine Gun Corps 13537 Private

Training Reserve Battalion 12643 Private


Harry Seamarks

Royal Welsh Fusiliers 4239 Private

Royal Welsh Fusiliers 266671 Private


Herbert Seamarks

Bedfordshire Regiment 15084 Private

Bedfordshire Regiment 15084 Serjeant


John J Seamarks

Royal Field Artillery 77146 Driver

Royal Field Artillery 77416 Driver


Ralph L Seamarks

Royal Garrison Artillery 124945 Gunner


Thomas W Seamarks

Middlesex Regiment G/96998 Private


William Seamarks

Royal Field Artillery 123944 Gunner


William Albert Seamarks

Bedfordshire Regiment 19176 Private

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 19176 Private


W D Seamarks

Royal Army Medical  65526 Private

Royal Air Force 300431 Private




Archibald Seamark

Machine Gun Corps 145902 Private


Arthur Seamark

Northamptonshire Regiment 20848 Private


Arthur H Seamark

Army Cyclist Corps 4826 Private


Albert J Seamark

Northamptonshire 33395 Private

Labour Corps 83433 Private


Albert V Seamark

Middlesex Regiment 292825 Private


Charles Hudson Seamark

Royal Army Medical Corps 4498 Private


Frank Seamark

Dorsetshire Regiment 5935 Serjeant

Somerset Light Infantry Lieutenant


J Seamark

Dorsetshire Regiment 5935 Serjeant

Dorsetshire Regiment Lieutenant


Frederick V Seamark

Queen’s Regiment S/6680 Lance Corporal

Tank Corps 321404 Lance Corporal

Tank Corps 7871500 Corporal


G Seamark

Royal Sussex Regiment L/5879 Private


George Arthur Seamark

Training Reserve TR/4/52046

King’s Shropshire Light Infantry 28525 Private

Cheshire Regiment 318 Private


Harry Seamark

Army Service Corps M2/138997 Private


Herbert Seamark

Royal Field Artillery 749 Gunner

Royal Field Artillery 835049 Gunner


Harold Edgar Seamark

East Kent Regiment G/24863 Private


Harry R Seamark

Honourable Artillery Company 9728 Private


Harry S Seamark

Royal Field Artillery 671936 Driver

Royal Field Artillery 173405 Driver


James Seamark

Northamptonshire Regiment 3/10444 Private

Norfolk Regiment 21992 Acting Serjeant


Jonathan Seamark

Northamptonshire Regiment 20906

Royal Engineers 128989 Pioneer


Joseph Seamark

Bedfordshire Regiment 4596 Private

Bedfordshire Regiment  40376 Private

Royal Fusiliers GS/60091 Private


James E Seamark

King’s Royal Rifle Corps 192616 Private

King’s Royal Rifle Corps 192616 Serjeant


Joseph J Seamark

Army Service Corps T2/SR/02739 Driver


Joseph S Seamark

Royal Sussex Regiment G-23647 Private


John T Seamark

Norfolk Regiment 5746 Private

Machine Gun Corps 50491 Private


Leslie Seamark

Rifle Brigade S/13817 Corporal


Percy Seamark

Royal West Surrey Regiment Depot G13751 Private


Percy Seamark

Hertfordshire Regiment 47455 Private


Richard W Seamark

Army Veterinary Corps SE/2587 Private


Stewart W Seamark

Army Service Corps M2/147277 Private


W Seamark

Royal West Surrey Regiment 159486 Private


Walter Seamark

Essex Regiment 201588 Private


Walter Seamark

Northamptonshire Regiment 200864 Private

Northamptonshire Regiment 200864 Acting Corporal


Walter Seamark

Royal Munster Fusiliers 9057 Private


William Seamark

Suffolk Regiment 41049 Private

West Yorkshire Regiment 58913 Private


William A Seamark

Bedfordshire Regiment 19176 Private

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 19176 Private


W D Seamark

Royal Munster Fusiliers 9057 Private


Walter E Seamark

Northamptonshire Regiment 3/9128 Private


Wallace Thomas Seamark

Essex Regiment 9792 Private


William R Seamark

Bedfordshire Regiment 31669 Private



[Seamarks Soldiers]