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John Lound Seamark circa 1837 – 1904


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This family is included in its own right as a Northamptonshire Family and an excellent example of Internet Genealogy, Australia, United States and England all working together along with official sites such as A2A, CWGC etc. Without this Global approach the life of John Lound Seamark would simply had ended as a publican’s son gone AWOL from the English perspective, or started as an interesting Hawker / Englishman in Washington DC from the American perspective.




The Northamptonshire family history can be seen within the early wills, the family moved to London moving into the Pub trade.


Whilst in London John Busley SEAMARK married Jane BARTON  LOUND. John’s middle name is also spelt Beesley.


Beesley spelling : Marraige


John Busley is believed to have died at the New Inn Public House, Park Street London.



Extract from Windsor Library email John Busley SEAMARK [see Will].  I have checked the 1861 census and the 1861 Keates And Adams Directory Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire (1861 is the closest we have).William Dangerfield was the Head of the Household at the New Inn and was the Inn Keeper.  None of the other occupants at the time of the census were called Seamark.  There was no mention of him as a trader (including beer retailer, brewer and wine & spirit merchant).


Cough Drop Man


John Lound Seamark son of John Busley Seamark emigrated to the USA and became the Cough Drop Man of Washington. A cartoon of John Lound Seamark was published in the 1940’s either in the Washington Post or Washington Journal. 


John Lound Seamark obituary.



World War 1


The English arm of the family suffered loss during World War 1. A memorial can be found at Harrow School for the two brothers Vernon Frederick SEAMARK and Harry Reginald SEAMARK.


Extract from Harrow School Email “Vernon is shown on our war memorial, as being killed during WW1.  I knew he was buried abroad, but was looking around a local churchyard when I literally fell over Henry's grave. We also have memorial windows on the war memorial, and upon looking, both brothers are mentioned.  These windows were originally sited in the cricket pavilion, before being moved to the war memorial.  I was at a loss as to why one brother is mentioned on the actual memorial and the other not.  On the window, there is a Scout emblem along with their names, and I can only think that Vernon went to the School and joined the Scout troop when it was formed in 1911, while Henry was allowed to become a member, despite not being a pupil here.”


Lound Family History


The Lound family had a very interesting history, an extract from a Lound Contact:


"Jane Barton LOUND/SEAMARK (b.1815) had a brother John LOUND, who was a year
younger than she was, & a sister Sophia Cooper LOUND who was born in 1824.  Their father was a licensed victualler of Hooper Street, Westminster Road when he went bankrupt in 1832 - at Sophia's baptism in 1835 (11 years after her birth), his occupation is given as 'gent'. Their mother died in 1837 leaving the children some assets & leaseholds, proved in 1846.  According to later letters, Sophia Cooper Lound received 'a liberal schooling, finished in Paris'.

In 1852 Sophia Cooper LOUND took an unassisted passage to Australia with Henry LOUND, who it seems was her cousin (son of William LOUND). She married Thomas FOX.

In the meantime, brother John LOUND had married Henry's sister, Mary Ann LOUND in 1848.  He went on to become a wealthy auctioneer & they had 11 children, 9 surviving to adulthood.  The eldest girl married TATHAM, a ship owner, another daughter married a surgeon, another married the private secretary to the British Ambassador in Argentina, so it was quite an interesting family.  The eldest son was a gambler,so the second eldest inherited the business after John died in 1884. Another son was the Rector of Sapcote in Leicestershire.

John's widow, Mary Ann LOUND, proved to be somewhat flighty – she picked up with a chap 20 years her junior, Faulkner LEE, who was a member of the Mohawk Minstrels (Tambo & Mr.Bones & all that).  There was an awful hullaballoo from the eldest son who could obviously see his inheritance disappearing before his eyes.  He tried to have his mother locked up in an asylum.  It all made the news in the London Times.  Mary Ann married LEE but they later divorced.

In Australia, Sophia Cooper LOUND/FOX went on to have three daughters, two surviving.  Her husband was a clerk of petty sessions & later a schoolteacher, but he took to the drink & she seems to have had a pretty miserable life, eventually striking out on her own to become a schoolteacher.  She seemed to be one of the 'genteel poor' until her death in 1908, so I was quite surprised to find her brother John left her 500 pounds in his will & I wonder whether she ever received it."



No link has been found between the “Brigstock family” and the “Stagsden family”.


The following tree is cut pre-1920





1. Thomas SEAMARK died before 1797. He was born guess 1710 in ?Brigstock?. 


He was married to Frances WALKER on November 4, 1734 in Stoke Albany, Northants. Frances WALKER died about 1799 in Drayton House, Lowick, Northants. She was born guess 1710 in ?Stoke Albany?.


1799 - Will proved

Thomas SEAMARK and Frances WALKER had the following children:


            +2 Daniel SEAMARK (born guess 1736).






2. Daniel SEAMARK (Thomas-1) was born guess 1736.  He was a Yeoman (1797).

1799 - from his mother Frances Will 1799 - "pay unto my  son Daniel Seamark of Brigstock, Northants, a Yeoman, & his wife Alice"



He was married to Alice UNKNOWN guess 1765. Alice UNKNOWN was born about 1737. She was buried on July 8, 1823 in St Andrew The Apostle, Brigstock aged  86


Daniel SEAMARK and Alice UNKNOWN had the following children:


              3                      i.    Elizabeth SEAMARK was born guess 1765 in Guess Brigstock.  1797 - Executors of Grandmother's Will - Daniel  (?) of Aldwincle, Northants & my Grandaughter Elizabeth Seamark of

                                            Drayton House (Lowick)


                                            1799 - Grandmother's Will – mentions 4 Grandchildren, the said Elizabeth Seamark my Trustee & Executrix, Alice Seamark, Francis Seamark & John Seamark, son & Daughters of my said son Daniel Seamark


            +4                     ii.    Francis SEAMARK (born about 1767).

              5                    iii.    Alice SEAMARK was born about 1768.   She was buried on November 30, 1825 in St Andrew The Apostle, Brigstock aged 57


              6                    iv.    John SEAMARK was born circa 1770. 





4.  Francis SEAMARK (Daniel-2, Thomas-1) was born circa 1767 in Brigstock, Northampton


He was married to Susanna BUSBY (BUSLEY )  Susannah 1792 or 1799 in Barnack, Northampton.


Francis SEAMARK and Susanna BUSBY (BUSLEY), Susannah had the following children:


              8                     ii.    John SEAMARK was born in 1802.  He was baptized on August 1, 1802 in St Paul, Covent Garden.

              9                    iii.    Francis William Angell SEAMARK was born in 1805.  He was baptized on February 12, 1805 in St Martin In The Fields, Westminster.

          +10                    iv.    John Busley SEAMARK (born about 1806/7). Main Page of John’s will  Large File

          +11                     v.    Elizabeth SEAMARK (born in 1807).


 May also had a child Susanna Seamark born Circa 1790, Susanna married Francis Sisson on May 4 1818 in Barnack, Northants





10.  John Busley SEAMARK (Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1) was born circa 1806/7.  He was baptized on November 26, 1809 in St Paul, Covent Garden. He died on March 15, 1865 in The New Inn, Park St, Windsor,  The Inn not standing in 2003. He was buried on March 22, 1865 in West Brompton Cemetery.  He was a Licensed Victualler

1848 - Living Marquis of Westminster Public House, Belgrave Rd



1851 - Census - Living 24 Warwick St, St George Hanover Square, London with wife Jane & children John

L/Frederick/Harry/Clara/Jane. Aged 44.


1865 - Death Reg Windsor 1865 Mar Qtr ref 2c 310


1865 - Died at The New Inn Windsor.



Jane BARTON LOUND was born between 1815 and 17.  She died on November 29, 1859 in John St, Walworth. 1848 - Living Marquis of Westminster Public House, Belgrave Rd


1851 - Census - Living 24 Warwick St, St George Hanover Square,

 London with husband John Busley & children Aged 34


1859 - Death Reg Newington Dec Qtr.


John Busley SEAMARK and Jane BARTON LOUND had the following children:


          +12                      i.    John Lound SEAMARK ( circa 1837).

          +13                     ii.    Frederick SEAMARK  (born about 1840).

            14                    iii.    Jane SEAMARK was born circa 1844  she died about 1854 in Warwick St, Pimlico.


            15                          Henry SEAMARK/ Harry was born about 1846/47 in London.  He died 1890 .  He was a Manager Kennington Surrey Club (1881). 1851 - Census - Living 24 Warwick St, St George Hanover Square, London with parents.


                                            1881 - Census - Living 100 Picadilly, London, Middx.



            16                     v.    Clara SEAMARK was born on January 2, 1848 in Marquis Of Westminster, Belgrave Rd, London.  1851 - Census - Living 24 Warwick St, St George Hanover Square, London with parents.


            17                    vi.    Susannah  SEAMARK was born about 1856. She died 1936. 1881 - Census - Visiting Chiswick, Middx



11.  Elizabeth SEAMARK (Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1)  was born in 1807.  She was baptized on August 9, 1807 in St Paul, Covent Garden.


 She was married to William CURLES 1828 in Barnack, Northampton.






12.  John Lound SEAMARK (John Busley-4, Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1)  died on December 28, 1904 in Washington D. C, USA  He was born between  1836 - 1839 in London, England.  1851 - Census - Living 24 Warwick St, St George Hanover Square, London aged 12.



married Harriet Goss ESHLEMAN (daughter of Abraham ESHLEMAN and Mary E GUSS (GOSS ?))  was born on August 12, 1847 in Pennsylvania. She died on May 18, 1910 in Washington DC.


John Lound SEAMARK and Harriet Goss/Guss ESHLEMAN had the following children:


            18                      i.    Halley SEAMARK died 1896.

            19                    ii.    John Eshleman SEAMARK was born 1875 in Washington D. C.   Died 1955.

            20                    iii.    Harry Franklin SEAMARK born 1877

            21                    iv.    Grace Elizabeth SEAMARK  was born 1879 in  Washington D. C. She died 1963


            22                     v.    Mary Esther (Mamie) SEAMARK (born on February 27, 1881).


13.  Frederick SEAMARK (John Busley-4, Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1)  was born circa 1840 in London.  1851 - Census - Living 24 Warwick St, St George Hanover Square, London aged 11


He was married to Elizabeth Wright SPIERS (daughter of  Unknown SPIERS and Sarah A UNKNOWN) on September 24, 1864 in Ashford, Kent.  Elizabeth Wright SPIERS born about 1841 in London, Middx. 




          +23                      i.    Frederick William SEAMARK (born on March 26, 1866).

            24                     ii.    Annie Clara SEAMARK was born on October 21, 1868 in Lewisham. She was a Drapers Assistant  in 1901, London.                   


            25                    iii.    Amelia C SEAMARK was born about September 1870 in Lewisham.  She was a Scholar (1881). 1881 - Census - Living High St, Bushey, Herts







20.  Harry Franklin SEAMARK (John Lound-5, John Busley-4, Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1) was born on January 2, 1877 in Washington D. C.. He died 1951.



22.  Mary Esther (Mamie) SEAMARK (John Lound-5, John Busley-4, Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1) was born on February 27, 1881 in Washington D. C. She died on January 10, 1972.  1920 - Census - Living Brentwood, Prince George's County, Maryland



Otis Hinckle EASTERDAY  was born about 1888 in Kansas.


23.  Frederick William SEAMARK (Frederick-5, John Busley-4, Francis-3, Daniel-2, Thomas-1) was born on March 26, 1866 in Bloomsbury. He was an Assistant Hosier (1881) Outfitting Shop Assistant (1901). 1881 - Census - Living 35 Boro High St, Southwark St Saviour, Surrey.


1901 - Census - Living St Mary's, Hants.


He was married to Elizabeth Louisa GANGE in September 1894 in Ashford, Kent  Elizabeth Louisa GANGE was born about 1871 in Southampton. 1901 - Census - Living St Mary's, Hants Frederick William SEAMARK and Elizabeth Louisa GANGE had the following children:


            26                      i.    Vernon Frederick SEAMARK was born about 1896 in Southampton. He died on April 18, 1915. He was buried in Harrow Cemetery, Middx. Grave Ref   1901 - Census - Living St Mary's, Hants.


                                            See Harrow School Note , see CWGC site


            27                     ii.    Harry Reginald SEAMARK was born about 1898 in Southampton. He died on May 3, 1917 in France.  He was buried in Arras Memorial, Pas De Calais.


                                             See Harrow School Note ,see  CWGC site


            28                    iii.    Stanley Wilfred SEAMARK (born on March 15, 1900).



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