37. James SEAMARK was born on 24 Jul 1831 in Stagsden. He appeared on the census in 1841 in Living North End, Stagsden. He died on 26 Jun 1919 in Stevington, Beds. Cannot Link:

1851 Census living at 42 North End Stagsden with father Jospeh, mother Elizabeth and brother John.

James Seamark spent two terms in Bedford New House of Correction;

1852 December 11, Residence Stagsden Age 21, Height 5ft 4 ½ Inches, Complexion fresh, Colour of hair Brown, Eyes Grey, Education Read Imperfectly, Identifying marks : 2 front teeth gone, mole on right check, complaint by Henry Littledale Esqquire, Offence Game Laws, Sentence 21 Days Hard Labour or pay 1 pound 5 shillings, summarily convicted, date of discharge 10th January 1853. [Blars QGV10/3 - 2125]

1853 February 19, Offence Game Laws , 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour or pay 2 Pound fine and 18 Shillings and Sixpence Costs [Blars QGV10/3 - 2232]

From the 1881 Census James was living in Park End Stevington, using the Surname Seamarks. James was married to Lucy Born 1838 from Oakley Bedfordshire. Lucy was a Lacemaker. The family living at Park End was Sarah 18 - Born 1863, Walter 16 - Born 1865, Ada 14 - Born 1867, George 8 - Born 1873, Berther 6 - Born 1875, All born Stevington Bedfordshire. Also living in the house was Grandson Harry Winskill Seamarks 4 Months [Born 1881] and Father Joseph Seamarks. From the 1881 Census George was at School [Scholar], all the Girls Lacemakers and all the Males Agricultural Labourers.

From the 1901 Census James and Lucy living are living with Grandchildren, Frederick George [Born 1883], Harry [Born 1880] and William [Born 1881]. The occupation for James was a "Cow Keeper".

James and Lucy are buried at Stevington Church yard, James Died June 26 1919 and Lucy Died 17 December 1923 - Surname on cross Seamark - Cross is like a small war memorial Cross.

He was married to Lettice ASPLEY (daughter of Isaac ASPLEY and Maria DAWSON) on 1 Aug 1854 in St Leonards Curch, Stagsden. He had marriage banns published 1854 - 11th, 18th and 25 June in St Leonards Curch, Stagsden. Lettice ASPLEY was born in 1834. She died on 15 Nov 1855 in Fever Hospital St Mary's Beds. She was buried on 17 Nov 1855 in Stagsden. Cannot Link:
Albert Seamark - 1901 Census Grandson of Charles and Ada Aspley need to find Albert's dad. Cannot find any other Aspley/Seamarks Marriages.

Burial name Letitia Seamark this is another name spelling Lettice

He was married to Lucy CRADDOCK (daughter of John CRADDOCK and Elizabeth FALCONER) on 12 Apr 1858 in Oakley Beds. Lucy CRADDOCK was born in 1838 in Oakley Beds. She died on 17 Dec 1923 in Stevington, Beds. James SEAMARK and Lucy CRADDOCK had the following children:

child+83 i. John William SEAMARKS.
child+84 ii. Sarah Elizabeth SEAMARKS.
child+85 iii. Walter James SEAMARKS.
child+86 iv. Ada Jane SEAMARKS.
child+87 v. George Herbert SEAMARK.
child+88 vi. Bertha Adelaide SEAMARKS.
child89 vii. Joseph Frederick SEAMARKS was born on 22 Feb 1876 in Stevington, Beds.