Royal Servants – Seamark Descendants




Why did the St Medard family come to prominence in the 1400’s, the answer may never be known, chance or the position of the Manors and Estates to the Great Battle fields of the “War of the Roses”. From the direct tree simplified it can be seen that the family had links to Earls and Dukes, including the Powerful Norfolk, Salisbury and Bedford families. The Burghley/Salisbury links are still to be found in terms of linking to the St Medard Tree, who was John Semark, see Hatfield House Section.


The most notable Seamark “relations” from the Tudor Times are descendants of the Howard family, The Three Queens of England, Catherine Howard, Ann Boleyn and Elizabeth 1st, Catherine and Ann being nieces of Catherine Broughton and William Howard Lord, Howard.


The most infamous family gathering would have been at Chenies; To make arrangements for the imprisonment of Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland, “family members” known to attend Earl of Bedford, William Cecil, Lord Burghley and Queen Elizabeth 1st


Royal Connection still to link


Elizabeth Seamark married Thomas Dickens in St James Palace Chapel in London in 1703. Elizabeth’s ancestors are currently unknown