Katherine Semark [Semarke]

Catherine Semark






Katherine Semark was the sister of Ann Semark, Ann was the favoured sister and inherited her Aunties Cheyne Buckinghamshire wealth. It is known that the Semark family was out of favour after Bosworth. It was Ann’s marriage to David Phelip a close member of the Earl of Richmond’s court and the Cheyne fortune that resulted into a family of position within the Court of Henry VIII.  Whilst the Semark main male lines came to an end the female lines are related to the main court families namely Norfolk, Bedford and Burghley.  Ann also inherited the Semark Manor of Thornhaugh, whilst it seems Katherine inherited nothing of standing..


From early english records [1386-1486] it can be seen that the Semark and Vincent families had a dispute over the Manor of Barnack, Northamptonshire “John Cory and Agnes, his wife, daughter of Richard, son of John Vyncent and Margaret, his wife v Thomas Semark, esquire, feoffee to uses : Manor of Barnack: Northampton”. This dispute can be dated as post 1440. Bernack was sold by the Vincent family to Lord Burghley, a Semark descendant, likely prior to 1598 [year Baron Burghley died].


Katherine Semark married Robert Vincent of Barnack in 1455. This marriage is recorded in the 1619 Herald’s Visitation of Northamptonshire. From the 1662-68 Herald’s Visitation of Surrey it can be seen that this Vincent family is related to the Vincents of Stoke D’Abernon.


The Vincent Crest below is based on the Visitation of Surrey 1662-8. The Vincent and the Semark families both had Northamptonshire ties.



Vincent 1662-8





The quarters L-R

Top Row : Vincent, Barnack, [Paas], [Semarke], Lifield, Bray

Middle Row : Bray [Longvale], Halliwell, Norbury, Butler, Pantulfe, [Verdon]

Bottom Row : Subley, Montfort, Plaunch, Haversham, Crosier, Dabernon



The pedigree at the time of Visitation was given as


Sir Frances Vincent of Stoke Dawbernoune in Com.Surry Knt and Bart


Sarah daughter of Sir Antho Pawlett of Hendon St George in Com. Southton, Knt.




Sir Anthony Vincent of Stoke Dawbernoune in Com. Surry Knt and Bart


Elizabeth daughter of Sir Arthur Ackland of Ackland in Com. Devon Knt




Sir Francis Vincent of Stoke Dabernoune in Com Surry, Knt and Bart


Katherine daughter of George Pitt of Harrow on ye Hill in Com.Midd esqr




Anthony Son and heire aet 18 Ano 1662









Extract from : The History and Antiquities of the County of Surrey.


The family Vincent was settled at Swinford, in Lincolnshire, so early as 10 Edward II. 1317, and remained there till the time of Henry IV. About 1409, when they removed to Bernack or Bernake, in Northamptonshire, on marrying a daughter and heiress of Sir John Bernack, and continued to reside there till David Vincent Esq. 7th in descent from that marriage, settled at Long Ditton, in Surrey, about the time of Henry VIII. His son  Sir Thomas Vincent, who married the heiress of Lyfield, sold Bernack to Lord Burghley, the latter obtaining from Queen Elizabeth for him Comb Nevill, in Kingston, and conveying to him the Manor of Cannon Court in Fecham; but he made Stoke his residence, and it was that of his descendants till lately. Sir Thomas was knighted at his house here 25th September 1601 by Queen Elizabeth on her making him a visit…….


John Vincent b. circa 1410


John Vincent was born circa 1410.He was the son of Richard Vincent and Elizabeth Spencer. John married Margaret Jordaine, daughter of John Jordaine, circa 1430.


Child of John Vincent and Margaret Jordaine:

Robert Vincent  born circa 1435



Robert Vincent born circa 1435


Robert Vincent was born circa 1435. He was the son of John Vincent and Margaret Jordaine. He married Katherine Semark, daughter of Thomas Semark, circa 1455.


Child of Robert Vincent and Katherine Semark:

Thomas Vincent  born circa 1460



Thomas Vincent born 1460


Thomas Vincent of Bernake in the reign of Edward IV. He was born circa 1460. He was the son of Robert Vincent and Katherine Semark. He married Cecily de Causton, daughter of Sir John de Causton, circa 1480.


John Vincent of Bernake, in the reign of Henry VII


Married Ann Hill daughter of Charles Hill.


David Vincent of Long Ditton, in the reign of Henry VIII

David son of John and Ann,  married 1. Elizabeth Spencer [before 1543] 2. Jane Rosey [Roffey] of the county of Worcester.


Sir Thomas Vincent 1543 - 1613


Thomas son of David and Elizabeth. Died December 1613 aged 70 [born 1543] married Jane daughter and heir of Thomas Lyfield Esq by Frances daughter and coheir of Edmund Lord Bray and Jane his wife.